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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 69

-No. 1-
Springlake Park: An Oklahoma City Playground Remembered William C. Boone 4
A Life for a Pair of Boots: The Murder of Shepalina Robert E. Smith 26
Wheelock Female Seminary, 1842-1861: The Acculturation and Christianization of Young Choctaw Women Justin D. Murphy 48
Roxana: The Last of the Wild Boom Towns D. Earl Newsom 62
The Christian Socialism of Thomas W. Woodrow: "Oklahoma's First Preacher" Roger D. Horne 78
Notes and Documents   92
Book Reviews   98
For the Record   105
-No. 2-
Historic Resources of Oklahoma's All-Black Towns: A Preservation Profile George O. Carney 116
Indian Soldiers for the Gray Army: Confederate Recruitment in Indian Territory William H. Graves 134
Nix vs. Jones: The Race for the Criminal Court of Appeals, 1956 MaryGaye LeBoeuf 146
Deciding Who Can Be Cherokee: Enrollment Records of the Dawes Commission Kent Carter 174
Book Reviews   206
For the Record   218
-No. 3-
Whatever Happened to 3D Danny: The Golden Age of Oklahoma Television, 1949-1974 Rodger Harris and Bob L. Blackburn 228
Keeping the Peace: William H. Emory and the Command at Fort Arbuckle James C. Milligan and L. David Norris 256
Emily Blanton Smith: Educator with Vision Glyna Olson with Leo Kelley 282
Ardent Spirits among the Chickasaws and Choctaws, 1816-1856 Jerry G. Hayes 294
A Sac and Fox Portrait: The Jerry Whistler Snow Collection at the Western History Collections John Lovett 310
Book Reviews   320
For the Record   330
-No. 4-
"Goodbye, Dear, I'll Be Back In a Year": The Mobilization of the Oklahoma National Guard For World War II Kenny A. Franks 340
"They Hired Every Farmer in the Country": Establishing the Prisoner of War Camp at Tonkawa William P. Corbett 368
Preparing Women for the National Crisis: The Role of Oklahoma A. and M. College Susan L. Allen 392
Uncle Sam's Warriors: American Indians in World War II Duane K. Hale 408
Supplying the Civilians: A Photo Essay of World War II Ration Stamps Oliver E. Rooker 430
Book Reviews   442
For the Record   448
Index   455

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