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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 68

-No. 1-
Are There 'Real' Indians in Oklahoma?: Historical Perceptions of the Five Civilized Tribes W. David Baird 4
Gentleman Tom Abbott: Middleweight Champion of the Southwest Devon Abbott 24
Will Rogers and The Saturday Evening Post: Kindred Spirits? Peter C. Rollins 38
Flames on the Frontier: Archeology at the Fort Towson Commanding Officer's Quarters William B. Lees 54
Politics & Art: The Controversial Birth of the Oklahoma Writer's Project Mary Ann Slater 72
Notes and Documents   90
Book Reviews   95
For the Record   107
-No. 2-
"Of Light, Liberty, and Learning": Lloyd Noble and the OU Board of Regents Odie B. Faulk and Laura E. Faulk 116
Rescued from Extinction?: The Civilizing Program in Indian Territory Brian C. Hosmer 138
United States vs. Bass Reeves: Black Lawman on Trial Nudie E. Williams 154
Erste Deutsche Methodistenkirche (First German Methodist Church): Ethnic Identity on the Urban Frontier, 1892-1907 Christiane Brandt Faris 168
Notes and Documents   190
Book Reviews   199
For the Record   219
-No. 3-
Rehearsal for Civil War: The Texas Cavalry in the Indian Territory, 1861 Douglas Hale 228
A Connecticut Yankee in the Indian Territory James C. Milligan and L. David Norris 266
Milk and Honey & a Few Bad Apples: The Image of Oklahoma in Popular Magazines Tommy R. Thompson 276
"A Slumbering Band of Heroes:" Hunting in the Panhandle C. Robert Haywood 296
Perceptions of a Union: Labor Relations at OU Press Cynthia J. Wolff 308
Book Reviews   324
For the Record   332
-No. 4-
The Neal Family and the Founding of Oklahoma A&M College Berlin B. Chapman 340
Bamboo Bombers over Oklahoma: USAAF Pilot Training during World War II Leo Kelley 360
"Our Ill Fated Relative": John Rollin Ridge and the Cherokee People Clyde Ellis 376
Capitol Townsite Historic District
Guthrie, Oklahoma: A Case Study, 1980-1986
Charles L.W. Leider 396
Medicine and Music: Whistles of Eastern Oklahoma Indians Richard W. Payne 424
Notes and Documents   434
Book Reviews   440
For the Record   448
Index   455

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