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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 66

-No. 1-
Progressive Spirit: The Oklahoma and Indian Territory Federation of Women's Clubs Susan L. Allen 4
Up the Trail in '76: The Journal of Lewis Warren Neatherlin Edited by Leo Kelley 22
"Give Us Our Catholic Priests": The Osage Plea for Freedom of Religion Ray Miles 52
The Aroma of Politics: Raymond Gary and the Election of 1954 James C. Milligan and L. David Norris 64
Wantabees & Outalucks: Searching for Indian Ancestors in Federal Records Kent Carter 94
Notes and Documents   105
Book Reviews   110
For the Record   120
-No. 2-
We Had Everything But Money Carl Albert, with Danney Goble 130
Geronimo's Friend: Angie Debo and the New History Kenneth W. McIntosh 164
Bizzell and Brandt: Pioneers in Indian Studies, 1929-1937 Steven J. Crum 178
The Grand Celebration: An Indian Delegation to Washington Wahnne C. Clark 192
The Rock Island Line is a Mighty Good Road Bradford Koplowitz 206
Book Reviews   216
For the Record   230
-No. 3-
The Tragical Agrarianism of Alfalfa Bill Murray, the Saga of Tishomingo Robert L. Dorman 240
Business on the Wing: Corporate Sponsorship of Oklahoma Aviation, 1927-1935 Keith Tolman 268
Into the Light: Origions of the Hasinai People Vynola Beaver Newkumet and Howard Meredith 282
"Our Best Men are Fast Leaving Us": The Life and Times of Robert M. Jones Michael L. Bruce 294
North to the Promised Land: Black Migration to the Canadian Plains R. Bruce Shepard 306
Notes and Documents   328
Book Reviews   332
For the Record   341
-No. 4-
Jesse Chisholm: Peace-maker, Trader, Forgotten Frontiersman Stan Hoig 350
Watonga's Day in the Sun: Or Trickster Comes to Town Arthur Silberman 374
A Year as a "Flood Control Surveyor" Preston George 392
The School Buses Ran on Hay Leo Kelley 416
Taft: Town on the Black Frontier Linda C. Gray 430
Book Reviews   448
For the Record   456
Notes and Documents   461
Index   465

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