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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 65

-No. 1-
Traders Along the Washita: A Short History of the Shirley Trading Company Michael Tower 4
Over There in the "Damned Old Band": The WWI Experience of Oscar Noble Brad Agnew 16
From War Lance to Plow Share: The Cheyenne Dog Soldiers as Farmers, 1879-1930s Robert Paschal Nespor 42
Pioneer Spirit: The Centennial History of Ardmore Mac McGalliard 76
Jim Thorpe's 100th Birthday: A Pictorial Tribute Carl Sadler 90
Notes and Documents   98
Book Reviews   100
For the Record   109
-No. 2-
Wings Over Waynoka Donovan Reichenberger 116
Go South and be Free: John W. Williamson's Account of the Pawnee Removal Edited by Thomas R. Buecker and R. Eli Paul 132
King of the Wildcatters: Tom Slick and the Cushing Oil Field Ray Miles 158
The Natchez Way Emanuel Drechsel 174
Power and Politics of the Oklahoma Federal Court William C. Kellough 182
Book Reviews   214
For the Record   222
-No. 3-
The Centennial Legacy of the General Allotment Act Arrell Morgan Gibson 228
The Dutch Connection Augustus J. Veenendaal, Jr. 252
Visionary or Rogue?: The Life & Legacy of Elias Cornelius Boudinot Thomas Burnell Colbert 268
"Print the News and Raise Hell": The Territorial Editors of Altus Leo Kelley 282
Go South and be Free: Part II: John W. Williamson's Account of the Pawnee Removal Edited by Thomas R. Buecker and R. Eli Paul 294
Notes and Documents   319
Book Reviews   322
For the Record   330
-No. 4-
Indians as Pioneers: Potawatomis on the Frontier R. David Edmunds 340
Jujubes, Grapes, & Grass: The USDA Research Station at Woodward, 1913-1987 Louise Boyd James 354
We the People...: Oklahoma and the United States Constitution Anne Million 380
Osage Aviator: The Life and Career of Major General Clarence L. Tinker James L. Crowder, Jr. 400
Book Reviews   432
For the Record   443
Index   445

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