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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 64

-No. 1-
Horse Racing in Early Oklahoma Diane B. Haser-Harris 5
They Fought for Votes: The White Politician and the Black Editor Nudie E. Williams 19
Barbed Wire and Nazilagers: PW Camps in Oklahoma Richard S. Warner 37
Their Work Was Never Done: Women Missionaries on the Kiowa-Comanche Reservation Rebecca Herring 69
Oklahoma History: In Texas?: The Fort Worth Branch of the National Archives Kent Carter 85
Notes and Documents   96
Book Reviews   100
For the Record   109
-No. 2-
Oklahoma: Land of the Drifter: Deterrants to Sense of Place Arrell Morgan Gibson 2
From the Hills of Lebanon: The Syrian-Lebanese in Oklahoma Tom Caldwell 15
Heavenly Harmony: The WPA Symphony Orchestra 1937-1942 Carol Wilmoth 35
Diana, Tiana, or Talihina?: The Myth and Mystery of Sam Houston's Cherokee Wife Stan Hoig 53
Judge John Martin: First Chief Justice of the Cherokees Patricia Lockwood 61
"Save the Farmer": Oklahoma Congressman and Farm Relief Legislation, 1924-1928 Phillip A. Grant, Jr. 75
Book Reviews   88
Notes and Documents   95
For the Record   101
-No. 3-
Woodward: First Century on the Sand-Sage Prairie, 1887-1987 Louise Boyd James 5
Ray Pence and the "West Point of the Fire Service" Mary Jane Warde 39
Carl W. Skogsberg and the Beginning of Colonial Bakery Howard Meredith 61
"Empire of Shaffer": The County That Never Was Dan Adrian Purvis 77
Tragedy of the Goingsnake District: The Shoot-out at Zeke Proctor's Trial Kelley Agnew 91
Book Reviews   100
For the Record   110
-No. 4-
Twenty-five Days to the Choctaw Nation Louis Coleman 4
Wagoner, I.T.: "Queen City of the Prairies" Brad Agnew 16
The Political Career of Patrick S. Nagle: "Champion of the Underdog" R.O. Joe Cassity, Jr. 48
Plight of the Tonkawas, 1875-1898 Thomas F. Schilz 68
The Edwards Family and Black Entrepreneurial Success Paul Lehman 88
Book Reviews   98
Notes and Documents   107
For the Record   110
Index   115

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