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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 63

-No. 1-
Railroads, Oil and Dutchmen: Investing in the Oklahoma Frontier Augustus J. Veenendaal, Jr. 4
Henry S. Johnston: Attorney for the Otoe-Missourias Kenneth N. Hopkins 28
Broncs, Bulls and Contracts: The Rodeo World of the Beutler Brothers Randy L. Beutler 48
On Opothleyahola's Trail: Locating the Battle of Round Mountains Charles Bahos 58
Notes and Documents Daniel C. Swain 90
Book Reviews   98
For the Record   104
-No. 2-
The New Deal Comes to Shawnee Dale E. Soden 116
A Legacy of Education: The History of the Cherokee Seminaries Brad Agnew 128
Vanity, Vanity, Thy Name is History Alvin O. Turner 148
"Lily-White" Juries on Trial: The Civil Rights Defense of Jess Hollins Roger W. Cummins 166
Lincoln's Message to Indian Territory Ernest F. Darling 186
C.P. "Doc" Wickmiller: Boomer with a "Hatful of Pills" Genevieve Moss 192
Notes and Documents   204
Book Reviews   206
For the Record   216
-No. 3-
The Road to Russian Hill: A Story of Immigration and Coal Mining Michael J. Hightower 228
Deadly Business: The Early Years of the Crime Bureau H.D. "Dee" Cordy, Jr. 250
The Final Campaign: The Confederate Offensive of 1864 Tom Franzmann 266
"No Place to Park": L.E. Phillips's Blueprint for Success Connie Jennings 280
The Kansas-Osage Border War of 1874: Fact or Wishful Thinking? James R. Christianson 292
Book Reviews   312
Notes and Documents   323
For the Record   324
-No. 4-
Thomas Jefferson's Letter to the Indians: Fate of a Frontier Artifact Robert L. Dorman 341
Politics of Culture: The Federal Music Project in Oklahoma Kenneth E. Hendrickson, Jr. 361
Panhandle Town Unearthed: The Archaeological and Historical Treasures of Hardesty William B. Lees 377
Edith Force Kassing: Scientist With a Gift for Teaching John S. Tomer 397
Maladministration of the 1890 Oklahoma Territorial Census John Womack 412
Book Reviews   422
Notes and Documents   418
For the Record   434
Index   443

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