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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 62

-No. 1-
Cattle, Coal, and Indian Land: A Tradition of Mining in Southeastern Oklahoma Michael J. Hightower 4
A Refuge for the Longhorn Judy Kaye O'Dell 26
"Justice is our Battle Cry": The Territorial Free Home League Mary Ann Blochowiak 38
The Battle of the Washita, Revisited: A Journey to a Historic Site in 1933 Howard F. Van Zandt 56
"Harmony and Cooperation": Robert A. Hefner, Mayor of Oklahoma City Clifford E. Trafzer 70
Book Reviews   86
Notes and Documents   93
For the Record   109
-No. 2-
The Cheyenne Short Line: Oklahoma's "Do it yourself" Railroad Norbert R. Mahnken 120
On the Border of Indian Territory: The Oklahoma Adventures of William Quesenbury Lee David Benton 134
Death by Hanging: The Crimes and Execution of Arthur Gooch Ruth Fisk Bowman 156
Camp Guthrie: Urban Outpost in the Territory, 1889-1891 Pamela S. Bocock 166
Radicalism and Song Suzanne H. Schrems 190
Notes and Documents   207
Book Reviews   210
For the Record   220
-No. 3-
A Progressive from Oklahoma: Senator Robert Latham Owen, Jr. Kenny L. Brown 232
War for Survival: The Wichita Indians during the Civil War Stan Hoig 266
A Wily Customer: The Life and Crimes of Ben Cravens Paul English 284
New Deal for Oklahoma's Children: Federal Day Care Centers, 1933-1946 George N. Otey 296
The Sacramental Wine Case Keith Tolman 312
Notes and Documents   325
Book Reviews   334
For the Record   348
-No. 4-
Cyrus Byington: Missionary to the Choctaws Louis Coleman 360
Peerless Princess of the Best Country: The Early Years of Tonkawa William P. Corbett 388
Oklahoma Delegation to the Democratic Convention of 1924 William D. Pennington 408
Battle of Devil's Backbone Mountain Tom Franzman 420
Frontier Politics: The Bases of Partisan Choice in Oklahoma Territory, 1890-1904 Worth Robert Miller 429
Book Reviews   447
For the Record   453
Index   461

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