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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 61

-No. 1-
After the Last Picture Show Helen Brophy Geary 4
The Missionary Spirit: Protestantism Among the Oklahoma Seminoles, 1842-1885 Michael Welsh 28
"Instruction, Research, and Extension": The History Department at Oklahoma State University LeRoy H. Fischer 48
The Saga of "Rich Joe" Vann Marguerite McFadden 68
Triumph of Will: The Coal Strike of 1899-1903 John Barnhill 80
Book Reviews   96
Notes and Documents   104
For the Record   106
-No. 2-
From Dust to Dust: Gibbon, and Oklahoma Town Rita S. Pierce and Gordon Moore 116
Through the Ether: The Birth of Radio in Central Oklahoma Donald K. Tolman 130
"No job for a woman" Bernice Crockett 148
To Preserve Local History: The WPA Historical Records Survey in Oklahoma, 1936-1942 Blue Clark 168
"We Surely Gave Them an Uplift": Taylor F. Ealy and the Mission School for Freedmen Norman J. Bender 180
The Keetoowahs and Their Dances T.L. Ballenger 194
Book Reviews   200
Notes and Documents   210
For the Record   216
-No. 3-
"Back the Attack": The Sale of War Bonds in Oklahoma Carol H. Welsh 226
Kate's Quarter Section: A Woman in the Cherokee Strip Henry Kilian Goetz 246
"No Wild Venture": The State Capital Publishing Building Lloyd C. Lentz, III 268
The Legacy of Caleb Starr Patricia W. Lockwood 288
The Black Press in Oklahoma: The Formative Years, 1889-1907 Nudie Williams 308
Book Reviews   320
Necrology   327
For the Record   330
-No. 4-
Across the Muddy Red Bernice Crockett 340
"He Was Into Everything": Joseph W. McNeal, Territorial Innovator Helen Freudenberger Holmes 364
The Social Gospel of Nicholas Comfort Bob Cottrell 386
A Democratic School for Democratic Women Dixie Belcher 414
Rum, Skins, and Powder: A Choctaw Interpreter and the Treaty of Mount Dexter Samuel J. Wells 422
Book Reviews   429
Notes and Documents   435
For the Record   437
Annual Index   445

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