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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 60

-No. 1-
Poor Man's Camp: Labor Movement Vicissitudes in the Tri-State District Arrell Morgan Gibson 4
The Capture of the J.R. Williams Keun Sang Lee 22
John Stink: The Osage Who "Returned from the Grave" Joe D. Haines, Jr. 34
Cattle Market for the World: The Oklahoma National Stockyards Carol Holderby Welsh 42
Black Slavery in Indian Territory: The Ex-Slave Narratives Monroe Billington 56
Miss Edith Johnson: Pioneer Newspaper Woman Naomi Taylor Casey 66
Notes and Documents   74
Book Reviews   88
Oklahoma Books   103
For the Record   104
-No. 2-
An Odyssey into Texas: William Quesenbury with the Cherokees Lee David Benton 116
Twin Territories: The Indian Magazine and its editor, Ora Eddleman Reed Daryl Morrison 136
Attempted Secession in Oklahoma: The Four-Mile Strip, 1935-1950 Mary S. Redmond 167
The Study of Oklahoma History during the Territorial Period: An Alternative Methodological Approach Richard C. Rohrs 174
Exodus from Indian Territory: The Evolution of Cotton Culture in Eastern Oklahoma Gregory R. Graves 186
"Okie Boat": The U.S.S. Oklahoma City Mark K. Megehee and Devin Waggoner 210
Notes and Documents   218
Book Reviews   232
Oklahoma Books   245
For the Record   246
-No. 3-
The Only Show in Town: Ellen Whitmore Mohrbacker's Savoy Theatre Doris Hinson Pieroth 260
Dead Woman's Crossing: The Legacy of a Territorial Murder Sue Woolf Brenner 280
Rifles and Ruts: Army Road Builders in Indian Territory William P. Corbett 294
Around Tahlequah Council Fires: The Life of Oklahoma Historian T.L. Ballenger Brad Agnew 310
Cherokee Planters, Black Slaves, and African Colonization Theda Perdue 322
Myrtle Archer McDougal: Leader of Oklahoma's "Timid Sisters" Marilyn Hoder-Salmon 332
Notes and Documents   344
Book Reviews   360
Oklahoma Books   370
For the Record   371
-No. 4-
Without Purse or Scrip: A Missionary in the Territory Dale Z. Kirby 388
Oklahoma Territory and the National Archives: A Historian's Paradise Berlin Basil Chapman 400
Portrait of a Wichita Village, 1808 Elizabeth A.H. John 412
A Tradition of Political Power: Congressional Committee Chairmen from Oklahoma, 1945-1972 Phillip A. Grant 438
Electricity for a Region: The Southwestern Power Administration Jeanette Ford 448
"Everyone Got His Two Cents Worth": Leslie Gordon Niblack and the Guthrie Daily Leader Dennie Hall 460
Notes and Documents   473
Book Reviews   481
For the Record   495
Index   507

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