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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 59

-No. 1-
Raymond S. McLain: America's Greatest Citizen Soldier Roy P. Stewart 4
Colonel John Thompson Drew: Cherokee Cavlier Marguerite McFadden 31
Joseph Danne: Oklahoma Plant Geneticist and His Triumph Wheat Edmund A. Peters 54
Joseph Carden's "Most Perfect" Church Sally M. Gray 73
Black Men Who Wore the Star Nudie E. Williams 83
The Jim Thorpe Family: From Wisconsin to Indian Territory, Part I Grace F. Thorpe 91
Notes and Documents   106
Book Reviews   111
Oklahoma Books   119
For the Record   120
-No. 2-
"Woman With A Hatchet": Carry Nation Comes to Oklahoma Territory Mary Ann Blochowiak 132
The Right to be Served: Oklahoma City's Lunch Counter Sit-Ins, 1958-1964 Carl R. Graves 152
Stand Watie and the Killing of James Foreman Richard Zellner 167
The Jim Thorpe Family, Part II Grace Thorpe 179
Creating an Atmosphere of Suppression, 1914-1917 James H. Fowler, II 202
Not Time to Quibble: The Jones Family Conspiracy Trial of 1917 Michael Morton 224
Notes and Documents   237
Book Reviews   241
Oklahoma Books   250
For the Record   251
-No. 3-
Osage Oxonian: The Heritage of John Joseph Mathews Terry P. Wilson 264
The Log of a Frontier Marshal Joe D. Haines, Jr. 294
Gold in Oklahoma: The Last Great Gold Excitement in the Trans-Mississippi West, 1889-1918 Duane K. Hale 304
Henry Vogel: A White Laborer in Indian Territory Brad Agnew 320
Chickasaw Education and Murray State College Margaret H. Lokey and Beverly J. Wyatt 335
Energy Resources on the Southern Great Plains Paul Bonnifield 345
Notes and Documents   360
Book Reviews   364
Oklahoma Books   373
Necrology   374
For the Record   376
-No. 4-
Historic Sites in the Cherokee Strip C.E. Metcalf 392
Cherokee Allotments in the Outlet B.B. Chapman 401
Old Trails Across Northern Osage County Louis F. Burns 422
Crisis on a Black Campus: Langston University and its Struggle for Survival Donald Spivey 430
Euro-American Historical Archaeology in Oklahoma Marshall Gettys 448
The Oklahoma Central Railroad Maurice H. Merrill 465
Notes and Documents   472
Book Reviews   473
Oklahoma Books   485
For the Record   486
Index   496

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