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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 58

-No. 1-
Three Ring Circus: The Zack Miller-Tom Lawsuits, 1929-1934 Wayne H. Gossard, Jr. 3
William C. Canterbury and First Year of the OEA Joe Hubbell 17
The Editor and the Magic City: Frank H. Greer and the Beginnings of Guthrie, Oklahoma Territory Valerie J. Grant 34
Comanche Killer or Commentator? Captain Marcy the Ethnographer Cliff Trafzer 53
Three Sands: Experiences in an Early Oil Field B.F. Conaghan 65
The Construction Strategies of Railroads in the Oklahoma Panhandle Donovan L. Hofsommer 77
The Bacone School of Art Howard L. Meredith 92
Notes and Documents   99
Book Reviews   107
Oklahoma Books   118
For the Record   119
-No. 2-
Men, Mud, and Mules: The Good Roads Movement in Oklahoma, 1900-1910 William P. Corbett 133
The Old Payne Trail and the Boomer Colony Sites Stan Hoig 151
Jefferson's Salt Mountain: The Big Salt Plain of the Cimarron River Thomas D. Isern 161
The Restoration of Old Fort Gibson Q.B. Boydstun 176
Desegregation of the Oklahoma City School System Scot W. Boulton 192
Notes and Documents   222
Book Reviews   226
Oklahoma Books   238
For the Record   239
-No. 3-
"To Preserve and Perpetuate the History of Oklahoma" H. Glenn Jordan and Bob L. Blackburn 257
The Okmulgee Constitution: A Step Towards Indian Self-Determination Curtis L. Nolan 264
Congressional Viewpoint Toward the Admission of Oklahoma As A State: 1902-1906 Charles Wayne Ellinger 283
William J. McClure and the McClure Ranch Patricia Lester 296
This I Remember From My Early Life: A Kiowa County Pioneer Anna Thurston 308
The Peavine Railroad Glen McIntyre 315
Will Rogers' Youthful Relationship With His Father, Clem Rogers: A Story of Love and Tension Fred Roach, Jr. 325
Notes and Documents   343
Book Reviews   348
Oklahoma Books   360
For the Record   361
-No. 4-
For Justice and a Fee: James Milton Turner and the Cherokee Freedmen Gary R. Kremer 377
Methodist Beginnings Among Southwest Oklahoma Indians Walter N. Vernon 392
Mirror to the World: Twenty-five Years of Oklahoma Today Junetta Davis 413
On the Banks of the Arkansas: Blackburn, and Oklahoma Town Jean Hager 421
Federal Law Comes to Indian Territory Jeanette W. Ford 432
"Dust To Eat." A Document from the Dust Bowl Edited and with an Introduction by Virginia C. Purdy 440
Alice Brown Davis: A Leader of Her People Paula Waldowski 455
Notes and Documents   464
Book Reviews   470
Oklahoma Books   484
For the Record   485
Index   494

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