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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 57

-No. 1-
The Historic Preservation Movement in Oklahoma LeRoy H. Fischer 3
Soldiers, Disasters, and Dams: The Army Corps of Engineers and Flood Control in the Red River Valley, 1936-1946 James Ware 26
Girl Scouting in Stillwater, Oklahoma: A Case Study in Local History Lynda M. Sturdevant 34
Congressional Committee Chairmen From Oklahoma, 1907-1937 Philip A. Grant, Jr. 49
The Choctaw Warrants of 1863 James F. Morgan 55
The Campus Cadets: A History of Collegiate Military Training, 1891-1951 Philip Reed Rulon 67
Notes and Documents   91
Book Reviews   93
Oklahoma Books   107
For the Record   109
-No. 2-
General Stores, Retail Merchants, and Assimilation: Retail Trade in the Cherokee Nation, 1838-1890 Duncan M. Aldrich 119
A Civil War Experience of Some Arkansas Women in Indian Territory Edited by LeRoy H. Fischer 137
Benson Park: Shawnee Citizens at Leisure in the Twentieth Century Kenneth R. Bain, Rob Phillips, and Paul D. Travis 164
Government Policy and Indian Farming on the Cheyenne and Arapaho Reservation: 1869-1880 William D. Pennington 170
The First Americans' Tribute to the First President Janet Campbell 190
Troubled Times: Homesteading in Short-grass Country, 1892-1900 Michael H. Reggio 196
Colbert's Ferry Ruth Ann Overbeck 212
Notes and Documents   224
Book Reviews   229
Oklahoma Books   242
For the Record   244
-No. 3-
Will Rogers: An Introduction Arrell Morgan Gibson 255
Will Rogers' Roots Howard L. Meredith 259
Will Rogers: A Centennial Review of His Career James Smallwood 269
Will Rogers as Social Critic Joseph Stout 289
Will Rogers and His Magic Mirror William R. Brown 300
Will Rogers, Ambassador sans Portfolio: Letters from a Self-Made Diplomat to His President Peter C. Rollins 326
Vision of the Future: Will Rogers' Support of Commercial Aviation Fred Roach, Jr. 340
Will Rogers and the Language of the Southwest: A Centennial Perspective Bruce Southard 365
Top Hand: Will Rogers and the Cowboy Image in America William W. Savage, Jr. 376
The Literary Will Rogers Blue Clark 385
Necrology   395
Notes and Documents   399
Book Reviews   401
Oklahoma Books   409
For the Record   411
-No. 4-
Oklahoma's Military Tradition Fred A. Daugherty and Pendleton Woods 427
Historical Preservation which Occurred in El Reno and St. Louis 75 Years Ago H. Merle Woods 446
Confederate Refugees from Indian Territory LeRoy H. Fischer and William L. McMurry 451
The Creek War of 1836, A Military History Kenneth L. Valliere 463
Oklahoma Historical Society Sites Holdings C. Earle Metcalf 486
Notes and Documents   513
Book Reviews   519
Oklahoma Books   527
For the Record   530
Index   539

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