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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 56

-No. 1-
Indian Pioneer Legacy: A Guide to Oklahoma Literature Arrell Morgan Gibson 3
Horsethief Canyon: Landmark on The CimarronRiver LeRoy H. Fischer and Thomas D. Isern 34
The E.W. Marland Mansion and Estate Denise Browning 40
Special Collections Department at Northeastern Oklahoma State University Helen Wheat and Brad Agnew 73
The Opening of Oklahoma: A Businessman's Frontier Norman L. Crockett 85
Notes and Documents   96
Book Reviews   97
-No. 2-
James Mooney and the Peyote Controversy L.G. Moses 127
Oklahoma Pioneers in Mexico: The Chamal Colony John J. Winberry 145
Socioeconomic Reconstruction in the Cherokee Nation, 1865-1870 Sue Hammond 158
The United States Army as the Early Patron of Naturalists in the Trans-Mississippi West, 1803-1820 Philip Drennen Thomas 171
Law Enforcement in Transition: From Decentralized County Sheriffs to the Highway Patrol Bob L. Blackburn 194
Notes and Documents   208
Book Reviews   217
Oklahoma Books   235
For the Record   237
-No. 3-
The Board of Indian Commissioners and the Delegates of the Five Tribes Francis Paul Prucha 247
Life and Labor on the Panama Canal: An Oklahoman's Personal Account William D. Pennington 265
Creek Nativism Since 1865 Mark K. Megehee 282
Black Slavery in the Creek Nation Janet Halliburton 298
The Tuttle Trail Berenice Lloyd Jackson and Max Blau 315
The Botanical Itineraries of A.H. Van Vleet George J. Goodman and Cheryl A. Lawson 322
Cherokee Acculturation and Changing Land Use Practices Douglas C. Wilms 331
Notes and Documents   344
Book Reviews   348
Oklahoma Books   365
For the Record   367
-No. 4-
The Woman Suffrage Issue in the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention Louise Boyd James 379
What Is the Future for Railroad Branch Lines in Rural Areas? Donovan L. Hofsommer 393
Tar and Feather Patriotism: The Suppression of Dissent in Oklahoma During World War I James H. Fowler, II 409
On the White Man's Road: Lawrie Tatum and the Formative Years of the Kiowa Agency, 1869-1873 T. Ashley Zwink 431
Ten-Barrel "Whodunit" at Red Fork Joe Donald Roberts 442
The Exile of the Nez Percé in Indian Territory, 1878-1885 Alan Osborne 450
Notes and Documents   472
Book Reviews   478
For the Record   486
Index   493

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