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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 55

-No. 1-
Dog Culture of the Indians Opal Hartsell Brown 3
"Talkin' Dust Bowl Blues" A Study of Oklahoma's Cultural Identity During the Great Depression W. Richard Fossey 12
Oklahoma's Confederate Veterans Home Tommy G. Lashley 34
The Osage Removal To Oklahoma James Thomas 46
Recollections Of An Oklahoma Pioneer Edited and Introduction by Robert S. LaForte 56
Indian Studies Resources At The University Of Tulsa Guy Logsdon 64
Henry Kamp And Cultural Pluralism In Oklahoma City Harris J. Elder 78
Seymour George H. Shirk 93
Notes and Documents   100
Book Reviews   104
Oklahoma Books   122
For the Record   124
-No. 2-
The Fairchild Winery LeRoy H. Fischer 135
The End of the Savage: Indian Policy in the United States Senate, 1880-1900 Frederick E. Hoxie 157
Townsite Speculation and the Origin of Boley, Oklahoma Kenneth Marvin Hamilton 180
Oklahoma's House Delegation in the Sixty-first Congress: Progressive or Conservative? George O. Carney 190
Relations Between the Quapaw National Council and the Roman Catholic Church, 1876-1927 Ralph E. Curtis, Jr. 211
Notes and Documents  
Book Reviews   228
Oklahoma Books   244
For the Record   246
-No. 3-
The U.S.S. Tulsa, 1919-1945 Department of Naval History 259
Character Building at Kingfisher College, 1890-1922 John W. Cresswell 266
The Wyandot Exploring Expedition of 1839 Robert E. Smith 282
Oklahoma City: Growth and Reconstruction, 1889-1939 Howard L. Meredith and George H. Shirk 293
George Milburn: Ozark Folklore in Oklahoma Fiction Alexis Downs 309
Wiley H. Post's Around the World Solo Flight Kareta G. Casey 324
Necrologies   336
Notes and Documents   342
Book Reviews   347
Oklahoma Books   360
For the Record   362
-No. 4-
Beginning of Oil and Gas Conservation in Oklahoma, 1907-1931 Blue Clark 375
French Explorers in Oklahoma Delbert F. Schafer 392
Old Central: A Pictorial Essay Kenny L. Brown and LeRoy H. Fischer 403
Effect of the Ku Klux Klan on the Oklahoma Gubernatorial Election of 1926 David C. Boles 424
Seminole Nation After Leaving Florida, 1855-1860 L. Edward Carter 433
Alice Mary Robertson—Anti-Feminist Congresswoman Louise B. James 454
Notes and Documents   463
Book Reviews   465
Oklahoma Books   482
For the Record   484
Index   496

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