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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 54

-No. 1-
America's Exiles Arrell M. Gibson 3
Choctaw Colonization in Oklahoma H. Glenn Jordan 16
Creek Colonization in Oklahoma William W. Savage, Jr. 34
Chickasaw Colonization in Oklahoma Blue Clark 44
Cherokee Colonization in Oklahoma Tom Holm 60
Seminole Colonization in Oklahoma Louise Welsh 77
Indian Colonization in Northeastern and Central Indian Territory Linda Parker 104
Indian Colonization in the Cherokee Outlet and Western Indian Territory Carol Hampton 130
Notes and Documents   149
Book Reviews   152
For the Record   167
-No. 2-
Oklahoma's First Book: Istutsi in Naktsoku Guy Logsdon 179
"I'm Off to Coolidge's Follies:" Will Rogers and the Presidential Nominations, 1924-1932 Carl N. Tyson 192
The United States Congress and the Release of the Apache Prisoners of War at Fort Sill John Anthony Turcheneske, Jr. 199
Indian Records in the Oklahoma Historical Society Archives Lawrence C. Kelly 227
The Oklahoma Vorwrts: The Voice of German-Americans in Oklahoma During World War I Edda Bilger 245
Beaties Prairie, a Post Office George H. Shirk 261
The Red River War of 1874—An Enlisted Man's Contribution J'Nell Pate 263
Notes and Documents   276
Book Reviews   281
For the Record   297
-No. 3-
Oklahoma's State Flag As A Commemorative Stamp George H. Shirk 311
Fort Coffee and Frontier Affairs, 1834-1838 Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr., and Lonnie E. Underhill 314
The Sooner NRA: New Deal Recovery in Oklahoma James Ware 339
Stress and Death in the Settlement of Indian Territory R. Palmer Howard and Virginia E. Allen 352
Bawling Cattle and Barking Brakemen: An Oklahoma Railroad Memory Donovan L. Hofsommer 360
Western History Collections at the University of Oklahoma H. Glenn Jordan 370
The Cherokee Script Issuance of 1862 James F. Morgan 393
Notes and Documents   401
Book Reviews   406
For the Record   420
-No. 4-
Governor Lee Cruce and Law Enforcement, 1911-1915 Orben J. Casey 435
Southwestern Normal School: The Founding of an Institution James H. Thomas and Jeffrey A. Hurt 461
Crawford Seminary Post Office George H. Shirk 468
The Wilderness Legacy of James Otto Lewis Janet Campbell and Kenny A. Franks 474
The Struggle for Railroads in the Oklahoma Panhandle Fred Floyd 489
The Mosquito Dance Charlotte Heth 519
Notes and Documents   525
Book Reviews   529
Oklahoma Books   545
For the Record   546
Index   555

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