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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 53

-No. 1-
Oklahoma Territory, 1890-1907 LeRoy H. Fischer 3
George Washington Steele, 1890-1891 Thomas Arthur Hazell 9
Robert Martin, 1891-1892 Jack R. Yakey 23
Abraham Jefferson Seay, 1892-1893 Harry E. Henslick 28
William Cary Renfrow, 1893-1897 James F. Morgan 46
Cassius McDonald Barnes, 1897-1901 Nudie E. Williams 66
William Miller Jenkins, 1901 Delmer W. Porter 83
William C. Grimes Kenny L. Brown 93
Thompson Benton Ferguson, 1901-1906 Jerry L. Gill 109
Frank Frantz, 1906-1907 Ken Anderson 128
Necrology   145
Notes and Documents   148
Book Reviews   152
For the Record   161
-No. 2-
European Immigrants in Oklahoma Douglas Hale 179
The Osage Pasture Map Robert M. Burrill 204
Gore, Bristow and Taft Paul D. Travis 212
Pictorial Essay on the Dawes Commission Ronnie Williams 225
Woody Guthrie Harry Menig 239
Necrology   266
Notes and Documents   270
Book Reviews   277
For the Record   294
-No. 3-
Stewards of the Past Robert E. Bell 315
A Corps of Clerks H. Craig Miner 322
Peaceful Progress: The Italians of Krebs Kenny L. Brown 332
Confederate Delegates of the Five Civilized Tribes T. Paul Wilson 353
Civilian Conservation Corps in the City Reid Holland 367
Dodge-Leavenworth Expedition of 1834 Brad Agnew 376
Necrology   397
Notes and Documents   400
Book Reviews   406
For the Record   418
-No. 4-
Oklahoma National Guard on the Mexican Border, 1916 Donald E. Houston 447
The Primal Fire Lingers Janet Campbell and Archie Sam 463
Cherokee Post Office George H. Shirk 476
The Russian Jew in Oklahoma Gary Watters 479
Population Statistics of Nineteenth Century Indian Territory Michael F. Doran 492
Fort Towson Powder Magazine Douglas D. Scott 516
Notes and Documents   528
Book Reviews   534
For the Record   545
Index   572

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