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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 52

-No. 1-
Muriel H. Wright, Historian of Oklahoma LeRoy H. Fischer 3
Recollections of My Early Life Carl Bert Albert 30
Oklahoma's Territorial Delegates and Progressivism George O. Carney 38
Georgia Land Lottery of 1832 Douglas C. Wilms 52
Henry Elijah Alvord Philip Reed Rulon and Ronald Eugene Butchart 61
Financial Controversy in the Cherokee Nation Gerald A. Reed 82
Notes and Documents   99
Necrology   108
Book Reviews   115
For the Record   120
-No. 2-
Oklahomans in Space George H. Shirk 139
Career of John R. Thomas J. Stanley Clark 152
The Working Class Union Sherry Warrick 180
Historians and Art Frederick A. Olds 196
The Final Move of the Choctaws Rex Syndergaard 207
Court in Peril Von Russell Creel 220
Early Echoes From Bloomfield Academy Walter N. Vernon 237
Notes and Documents   244
Book Reviews   251
For the Record   263
-No. 3-
U.S.S. Oklahoma, "Minister of Peace" Joseph A. Stout, Jr. 283
Creek Nation on the Eve of the Civil War Andre Paul DuChateau 290
Oklahoma's Bone Dry Law Thomas Elton Brown 316
"Katy" Depots of Oklahoma H. Roger Grant and Donovan L. Hofsommer 331
Chief John Ross and Cherokee Removal Finances Gary E. Moulton 342
Afrika Korps in Oklahoma Terry Paul Wilson 360
Notes and Documents   370
Book Reviews   374
For the Record   391
-No. 4-
The Plains Tribes With Frederic Remington Edited by Kenny A. Franks 419
Early Oklahoma Democrats Garin Burbank 439
Governor Lee Cruce Orben J. Casey 456
Laws Which Have Governed Cleveland County Maurice H. Merrill 476
Black Slavery Among the Cherokees R. Halliburton, Jr. 483
Notes and Documents   497
Book Reviews   502
For the Record   518
Index   535

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