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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 51

-No. 1-
Buffalo, A County Seat Blue Clark 2
Confederate Treaties with Five Civilized Tribes Kenny A. Franks 21
Indian Agents to the Five Civilized Tribes Introduction, by LeRoy H. Fischer 34
Creek Indian Agents, 1834-1874 Joel D. Boyd 37
Seminole Indian Agents, 1842-1874 Thomas Elton Brown 59
Lieutenant George N. Bascom at Apache Pass, 1861 Dale T. Schoenberger 84
The Quaker Agents at Darlington Sandra W. LeVan 92
Death and Burial of Major Ridge T.L. Ballenger 100
Notes and Documents   106
Book Reviews   128
Minutes   134
-No. 2-
The Elusive Meridian Mary Ann Parker 150
The Carr-Penrose Expedition, 1868-1869 Morris F. Taylor 159
The Real Anabasis of Captain Robson Ernestine P. Sewell 177
The Ardmore Tragedy Abraham Hoffman 185
A History of the Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company to 1904 George Steinmeyer 195
Oklahoma Seminole Indians Jerry L. Burk 211
Notes and Documents   224
Book Reviews   235
Necrology   241
For the Record   248
-No. 3-
Theodore Roosevelt Visits Oklahoma Brian Lee Smith 263
An Ill-Fated Expedition Introduction by: Merle Woods 280
Homesteading The Strip Robert C. Lucas, told to Lucille Gilstrap 285
Country Kitchen Marj D. Bennett 305
Mercenary Heroes Robert C. Carriker 309
Economic Conditions in the Creek Nation Helga H. Harriman 325
New Light On An Old Enigma Kermit L. Hall 335
Edward P. McCabe and the Langston Experiment Jere W. Roberson 343
Notes and Documents   356
Necrology   362
Book Reviews   365
For the Record   372
-No. 4-
Northeastern's Seminary Hall R. Halliburton, Jr. 391
Indian Removal As Seen By European Travelers Gary C. Stein 399
A Brief Excursion Into Journalism Martha Royce Blaine 411
The Assiduous Wedge James R. Wright, Jr. 421
Episode at Cornwall Lillian Delly 444
Journal of Ado Hunnius Harmon Mothershead 451
Walter S. Campbell Julee Short 473
Notes and Documents   487
Book Reviews   495
For the Record   505

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