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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 50

-No. 1-
The Year Will Rogers Ran For President Alfred Haworth Jones 2
Cherokee Statesmen: The John Rogers Family Don L. Shadburn 12
Henry C. Hitch And His Times Roy P. Stewart 41
Indian Territory Forts—1838-1865 Philip A. and Beatrice J. Kalisch 65
The Agrarian Reform Press in Oklahoma H.L. Meredith 82
Notes and Documents   95
Book Reviews   123
Minutes   131
-No. 2-
Old Peoria Velma Nieberding 142
Sacred Heart Mission Maxine Fightmaster 156
The Frontier of Northwest Texas Michael L. Tate 177
Seminole Financial Relations Wayne B. Lollar 190
Intruders at Chilocco William M. Savage, Jr. 199
The Ceramics Factory at Oklahoma State University Robert E. Smith 205
Two Letters from Pine Ridge Mission Elizabeth H. Hunt 219
Lost Among the Choctaws Rev. William Graham 226
Notes and Documents   234
Book Reviews   236
Necrology   243
For the Record   249
-No. 3-
Archaeology at Fort Towson Kenneth E. Lewis 270
Fort Gibson Ruins Q.B. Boydstun 289
Kaw and the Railroad Donovan L. Hofsommer 297
Anna S. Wood Diary—1893 H.D. Ragland 307
Founding of Tinker Air Force Base James N. Eastman, Jr. 326
John Collier and the Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act of 1936 Peter M. Wright 347
Notes and Documents   372
Book Reviews   377
For the Record   384
-No. 4-
Memories of an Oklahoma Teacher Pat A. Tankersley 402
Indian Agents of The Five Civilized Tribes Introduction, by LeRoy H. Fischer 410
Choctaw and Chickasaw Indian Agents, 1831-1874 Cheryl Haun Morris 415
Cherokee Indian Agents, 1830-1874 Carol B. Broemeling 437
Indians for the Confederacy Colonel Charles DeMorse 474
St. Patrick's Church at Atoka Brother John Michalicka 479
A History of Wagoner, Oklahoma L.W. Wilson 486
Notes and Documents   497
Book Reviews   501
Necrology   512
Minutes   515

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