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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 49

-No. 1-
The Spirit of Sooner Land Edward Everett Dale 4
The Indian International Fair at Muskogee Muriel H. Wright 14
The Chickasaw Nation on the Eve of the Civil War Stephen Steacy 51
The Rock Falls Raid William W. Savage, Jr. 75
The Old Bar X Ranch Nat A. Taylor 83
Recollections of Tulsa, Indian Territory Charles E. Nolan 92
Cascorillo Harold N. Ottaway 100
Notes and Documents   105
Book Reviews   126
Minutes   132
-No. 2-
Oklahoma's Oral History Julia A. Jordan 150
Richard Gamble Miller Robert V. Peterson 173
Building of the Railroads Nancy Hope Self 180
Robert Alexander Hefner Justice Denver Davidson 206
War Against the Comanches Brad Agnew 211
Freedmen In Indian Territory Walt Wilson 230
Notes and Documents   245
Book Reviews   249
Minutes   263
-No. 3-
Life in the Cherokee Nation Reid A. Holland 284
The Killing of Big Snake J. Stanley Clark 302
Quail Hunting in Early Oklahoma Lonnie E. Underhill and Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr. 315
The Chickasaw Queen in William Faulkner's Story Elmo Howell 334
Discrimination and Statehood in Oklahoma Phillip Mellinger 340
Notes and Documents   379
Book Reviews   383
Minutes   394
-No. 4-
Bloomfield Academy Irene B. Mitchell 412
Chisholm School, District No. 22 Marj D. Bennett 427
Journal of Private Johnson George H. Shirk 437
Victory at Chusto-Talasah LeRoy H. Fischer and Kenny A. Franks 452
Kiowa-Federal Relations Forrest D. Monahan, Jr. 477
Archaeological Investigations at Fort Washita Don G. Wyckoff and Towana Spivey 492
Notes and Documents   504
Book Reviews   521
Necrologies   524
Minutes   530

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