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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 48

-No. 1-
Dragoon Life In Indian Territory Carl L. Davis and LeRoy H. Fischer 2
Tobucksy County Courthouse A.D. Hefley 25
The Spirit of Heritage Hills Suzanne Wilson Peterson 39
Medical Practices and Health in the Choctaw Nation Virginia Allen 60
Civil War Battle of Barren Creek Lary C. Rampp 74
Hildebrand's Mill, Cherokee Nation Daniel F. Littlefield Jr. and Lonnie E. Underhill 83
Notes and Documents   95
Book Reviews   124
Minutes   132
-No. 2-
Captain Whipple's Notebook Muriel H. Wright 146
A.P. Chouteau, Merchant Prince Wayne Morris 155
Indian in Transition; The Neosho Agency Valerie Tracy 164
The Creek Treaty of 1866 Gail Balman 184
Classification of Indian Tribes Lonnie E. Underhill and John N. Battle 197
The Centennial of Oklahoma Printing Robert L. Clark 209
Oklahoma's CCC Reid Holland 224
Notes and Documents   235
Book Reviews   242
Necrology   247
Minutes   250
-No. 3-
Goelieb Priber Among the Cherokees Rennard Strickland 264
The Seminole Treaty of 1866 Harry Henslick 280
Ancestry of Captain Nathaniel Pryor Glenna Parker Middlebrooks and Elizabeth Pryor Harper 295
The Trial of Ezekiel Proctor Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr., and Lonnie E. Underhill 307
St. Agnes Academy for the Choctaws Carolyn Thomas Foreman 323
Ordeal of the Oklahoma Coal Miners Dr. Philip A. Kalisch 331
Gerald A. Hale: Parking Meter Reminiscences LeRoy H. Fischer 341
Notes and Documents   353
Book Reviews   359
Minutes   363
-No. 4-
Wild Turkeys in Oklahoma Lonnie E. Underhill and Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr. 376
Clement Vann Rogers Paula McSpadden 389
Delegates to the Constitutional Convention Blue Clark 400
Report on the Five Civilized Tribes, 1897 Kansas City Star 416
Intruders or Injustice? Marguerite McFadden 431
Baptist Indian Church: Thlewarle Sharon A. Fife 450
Santos Flores: A Case of Mistaken Identity Roderick B. Patten 467
Notes and Documents   475
Book Reviews   490
Minutes   493

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