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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 47

-No. 1-
Angelo Cyrus Scott Philip R. Rulon 494 (1)
Honey Springs Battlefield Park LeRoy H. Fischer 515 (22)
Negro Troop Activity in Civil War Lary C. Rampp 531 (38)
East-West Railway in Indian Territory Craig Miner 560 (67)
Notes and Documents   582 (89)
Book Reviews   602 (109)
Minutes   604 (111)
-No. 2-
Military Duty on the Western Frontier George H. Shirk 118
General Sherman's Letter to His Son James M. Merrill 126
Colonel Albert Sidney Johnston's March Through Indian Territory in 1855 T.L. Ballenger 132
Reconstruction in the Choctaw Nation Lewis Anthony Kensell 138
Pigeoners in the Indian Territory Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr. 154
Ghost Town: McGee, Indian Territory Charles W. Mooney 160
Oklahoma and the Parking Meter LeRoy H. Fischer and Robert E. Smith 168
Notes and Documents   209
Book Reviews   216
Necrology   221
Minutes   225
-No. 3-
Matthew Leeper, Confederate Indian Agent Jeanne V. Harrison 242
Oklahoma Opinion on the Cuban Insurrection, 1895-98 David C. Boles 258
Public Opinion on Desegreation in Oklahoma Michelle Celarier 268
Oklahoma: Resettlement Area for Indians Duane Gage 282
Open Letter from Too-Qua-Stee, 1898 De Witt Clinton Duncan 298
A Historiography of the Five Civilized Tribes R. Palmer Howard, M.D. 312
Notes and Documents   332
Book Reviews   345
Minutes   347
-No. 4-
Edmund Gasseau Choteau Guerrier: French Trader Fred S. Barde 360
The Farmer's Alliance in the Indian Territory, 1889-1896 H.L. Meredith 377
Notes from the Diary of Susan E. Foreman Linda Finley 388
A History of the Modoc Indians Lucille J. Martin 398
Notes and Documents   447
Book Reviews   453
Minutes   460

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