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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 46

-No. 1-
Journal of Creek Enrollment Party, 1905 Alexander Posey 2
Este Cate Emunkv—"Red Man Always" Leona Barnett 20
Protestant Missionary Work Among the Comanches & Kiowas Hugh D. Corwin 41
Colonel Samuel Lee Patrick Harry B. Gilstrap, Jr. 58
Scenes in the Indian Territory: Kowetah Mission Augustus W. Loomis 64
The White Threat in the Chickasaw Nation Parthena Louise James 73
Notes and Documents   86
Book Reviews   95
Necrology   98
Minutes   100
-No. 2-
Portrait of Governor Leon C. Phillips Herbert L. Branan 123
The Cheyenne Transporter Althea Bass 127
The Pursuit of Dull Knife from Fort Reno Peter M. Wright 141
Quantrill's Civil War Operations LeRoy H. Fischer and Lary C. Rampp 155
Quanah Parker's Narrow Escape Ronnie Tyler 183
Prairie Oil & Gas David C. Boles 190
Notes and Documents   202
Book Reviews   212
Necrology   215
Minutes   216
-No. 3-
Al Jennings, the People's Choice Duane Gage 242
Confederate Indian Forces Outside of Indian Territory LeRoy H. Fischer and Jerry Gill 249
Leasing the Cherokee Outlet William W. Savage 285
School Lands of Oklahoma Guy Nelson 293
Church School Education in the Creek Nation Joe C. Jackson 312
Notes and Documents   331
Book Reviews   341
Minutes   346
-No. 4-
Battle of the Washita Centennial, 1968 Francis Thetford 358
In Memoriam: Louis McLane Hamilton, Captain 7th U.S. Cavalry Brevet Major-General G.A. Custer 362
Oklahoma Ghost Town Journalism Gary McKinney 387
The Oklahoma Ethnological Inventory: Museums Alex F. Riccardelli 409
Houston's Politics and the Cherokees Robert L. and Pauline Jones 418
The Use of Madstones in Oklahoma Kenneth L. Ketner 433
The Illinois River T.L. Ballenger 450
Notes and Documents   460
Book Reviews   474
Necrology   477
Minutes   480

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