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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 45

-No. 1-
From the Natchez Trace to Oklahoma: Christian Choctaw Civilization Arminta Scott Spalding 3
Spencer Academy, Choctaw Nation W. David Barid 25
The Freedmen Problem in the Chickasaw Nation Parthenia Louise James 44
Grandma Berry's Ninety Years in Oklahoma Becky Berry 58
Sylvester Witt Marsten Winona Hunter Chilcott 68
Henry C. Brokmeyer Among the Creek Indians Donald K. Pickens 73
Oscar Ameringer and the Concept of Agrarian Socialism H.L. Meredith 77
Cyrus Stevens Avery Ruth Sigler Avery 84
Notes and Documents   92
Book Review   96
Minutes   98
-No. 2-
Development of the Parking Meter H.G. Thuesen 112
Francis, Chickasaw Nation, 1894 Reita Sturdivant 143
The War on the Ku Klux Klan in Oklahoma Sheldon Neuringer 153
Reconstruction in the Cherokee Nation Hanna R. Warren 180
Ottawa Indians of Oklahoma and Chief Pontiac Norman G. Holmes 190
Alexis Pierre Beatte Arthur Shoemaker 207
The Sod House of Marshal McCully B.B. Chapman 211
Notes and Documents   217
Book Reviews   225
Necrologies   228
Minutes   231
-No. -
Black Kettle: A Noble Savage? Duane Gage 244
President Jackson and William Faulkner's Choctaws Elmo Howell 252
Alice M. Robertson, Oklahoma's First Congresswoman Ruth Moore Stanley 259
Edward Everett Dale: A Biography and a Bibliography Jimmie Hicks 290
John Stolfa, Sr. Florence S. Braun 307
A Tour on the Prairies Along the Washington Irving Trail George H. Shirk 313
Notes and Documents   332
Book Reviews   339
Necrology   344
Minutes   347
-No. 4-
Carolyn Thomas Foreman J. Stanley Clark 368
Patrick J. Hurley and American Policy toward China Russell D. Buhite 376
Journal of Alexander Lawrence Posey with Annotations Edward Everett Dale 393
History of Council Grove, Oklahoma Ray Asplin 433
The Kiowa-Comanche Reservation Forrest D. Monahan 451
Indian Territory Command in the Civil War George H. Shirk 464
Notes and Documents   472
Book Reviews   492
Necrology   495
Minutes   496

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