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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 44

-No. 1-
Spring Frog T.L. Ballenger 3
Prehistoric Chert Quarries in Kay County: A Report Otto F. Spring 6
Colonel Ranald Mackenzie at Fort Sill Jean L. Zimmerman 12
The Nez Perce in the Quapaw Agency Velma Nieberding 22
The Post Offices of Oklahoma, 1907 to 1965 George H. Shirk 31
Notes and Documents   91
Book Reviews   105
Minutes   108
-No. 2-
The Heavener Enigma: A Rune Stone Leslie A. McRill 122
The History of Hammon Pat Hodge 130
Paul Atlee Walker Ed Montgomery 140
In Memory of Anna Brosius Korn Mark R. Everett 144
Green Yeargain and Star Route 32024 Louise Morse Whitham 147
Oklahoma Civil War Sites Muriel H. Wright and LeRoy H. Fischer 158
Notes and Documents   216
Book Reviews   230
Minutes   236
-No. 3-
Oklahoma's Red River Boundary, 1927 Bunyan Hadley Andrew 246
José Maria: Anadarko Chief Kenneth F. Neighbours 254
The Cherokee Orphan Asylum N.B. Johnson 275
Acculturation Problems Among the Plains Indians Michael Dan Mitchell 281
Reminiscences of Jim Tomm L.W. Wilson 290
Death's First Visit to Old Faxon Albert S. Gilles, Sr. 307
Two Quanah Parker Letters James M. Day 313
The Choctaw Nation in 1843: A Missionary View Keith L. Bryant, Jr. 319
Notes and Documents   322
Book Reviews   342
Necrology   348
Minutes   352
-No. 4-
A Cuban View of the Oklahoma Run Francis Donahue 362
Reports of the Governors of Oklahoma Territory B.H. Johnson 365
The Oklahoma Free Homes Bill Vernon S. Braswell 380
The Class of 1903 at Oklahoma A. & M. College H. Morton House 391
The First Federal Invasion of the Indian Territory Gary N. Heath 409
The Second Federal Invasion of the Indian Territory William A. Willey 420
Southern Regional Education J.L. Franklin 431
Notes and Documents   444
Book Reviews   460
Necrology   465
Minutes   470

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