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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 43

-No. 1-
Prehistory of Oklahoma A.M. Gibson 2
Notes on the History of the Creek Nation Bert Hodges 9
A Note on Prohibition in Oklahoma Jimmie L. Franklin 19
Neosho Agency 1838-1871 Frank H. Harris 35
My Escape from the South in 1861 John Edwards 58
Notes and Documents   90
Book Reviews   102
Minutes   106
-No. 2-
Richard Henry Cloyd John E. Luttrell 122
The Enid "Railroad War": An Archival Study Berlin B. Chapman 126
Notes and Documents   198
Book Reviews   216
Necrologies   225
Minutes   231
-No. 3-
Some Newspapers in Oklahoma Territory Bobby Johnson 242
The Demise of Populism in Oklahoma Territory Terry Paul Wilson 265
Oklahoma Populism and Historical Interpretation Donald A. Pickens 275
The Inland Prairie Town Albert S. Giles, Sr. 284
A Deputy U.S. Marshal in the Territories Leola Lehman 289
Life and Society in Sapulpa Pauline P. Jackson 297
Albert Andrew Exendine: Carlisle Football Coach John L. Johnson 319
Nelson Franklin Carr Harold H. Farrar 332
The American Indian and His Name Hope Holway 340
Notes and Documents   345
Book Reviews   347
Necrologies   355
Minutes   360
-No. 4-
Governor of Oklahoma Territory, Frank Frantz Stephen Jones 374
Young Ardmore Julia K. Sparger 394
101 Ranch Wild West Show Barbara Williams Roth 416
Sandstone Creek, Flood Prevention Project Annie Laurie Steel 432
"The Only Way Church," Sac and Fox Agency R. Morton House 443
Notes and Documents   467
Book Reviews   477
Minutes   483

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