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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 42

-No. 1-
A Heritage to Share Vera Holding 2
Captain David L. Payne: The Cimarron Scout A. Suman Morris 7
Old Greer County Annie Laurie Steele 27
My Pioneer Home in Old Greer County Laressa Cox McBurney 38
The Folsom Training School Hugh D. Corwin 46
Colonel W.B. Hazen in the Indian Territory Marvin Kroeker 53
Malmaison Today George H. Shirk 74
Notes and Documents   81
Book Reviews   90
Necrologies   97
Minutes   104
-No. 2-
David Ross Boyd: Pioneer Educator Edward Everett Dale 2
Working Our Way through College R.M. House 36
On the Wichita-Caddo Range Chrystabel Berrong Poteet 55
Life in the Cheorkee Strip Lillian Carlile Swartz 62
Seneca Sub-Agency Frank H. Harris 75
In Memoriam   95
Notes and Documents   96
Book Reviews   109
Minutes   114
-No. 3-
Terrill's Purgatory: First Play Printed in Oklahoma Paul T. Nolen 246
Shawnee Indian Festival Velma Nieberding 253
Native American Indian Church in Oklahoma Carol K. Rachlin 262
Old Central of Oklahoma State University Berlin B. Chapman 273
Lee Compere and the Creek Indians Caroline Thomas Foreman 291
Investigation or Probity?—Kiowa-Comanche Agency William E. Unrau 300
Rector and Kannaday Letters to Chief John Ross, 1861 Harry J. Lemley 320
Notes and Documents   320
Book Reviews   358
Necrology   363
Minutes   366
-No. 4-
"Time Could Not Hold Them" Joe W. Curtis 372
Augustus Spencer Newton, Founder of Yukon Mary Spencer Whitlow 379
Bishop Francis Clement Kelley Sister Mary Joachim Oberketter, O.S.B. 385
Oklahoma and the Anti-Evolution Movement Elbert L. Watson 396
Confederate Treaties in Indian Territory Kinneth McNeil 408
Confederate Conditions in Indian Territory, 1865 Allan C. Ashcraft 421
Roman Nose: Chief of the Southern Cheyenne Ellsworth Collings 429
The Writings of Henry Roman Nose Karen Peterson 458
Notes and Documents   479
Book Reviews   488
Necrology   493
Minutes   497

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