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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 41

-No. 1-
The Oklahoma Historical Society Stagecoach John and Mildred Frizzell 3
The Ending of a Cheyenne Legend Chrystabel Berrong Poteet 9
The Drive for Statehood for Oklahoma Charles Wayne Ellinger 15
The Return of Alfalfa Bill Murray Francis W. Schruben 38
Jackson Lewis, of the Confederate Creek Regiment Jerlena King 66
The Location of the Battle of Round Mountains Angie Debo 70
Notes and Documents   105
Book Reviews   111
Minutes   114
-No. 2-
Thomas Jefferson Harrison John C. Wilkerson, Jr. 122
Ferdinandian: First White Settlement in Oklahoma Leslie A. McRill 126
Confederate Postal System in the Indian Territory George H. Shirk 160
Notes and Documents   219
Book Reviews   224
Necrologies   228
Minutes   235
-No. 3-
The Boomers: Oklahoma Playwrights Opened the Territory Paul T. Nolan 248
Osage Oil Bill Burchardt 253
Confederate Indian Department Conditions, 1864 Allan C. Ashcraft 270
Civil War Refugees from Indian Territory in the North Dean Banks 286
The Cherokee Tobacco Case Robert K. Heimann 299
Notes and Documents   323
Book Reviews   352
Minutes   354
-No. 4-
"The Hour of Remembrance," Oklahoma Memorial Association H. Milt Phillips 360
Lucia Loomis Ferguson Hope Holway 365
Life in the Territories Leola Lehman 370
Notes on Colonel Elias Cornelius Boudinot Muriel H. Wright 382
A Pioneer's Sod House Memories Orvoe Swartz 408
Twilight of the Confederacy in the Indian Territory Fred Hood 425
Confederate Indian Troop Conditions in 1864 Allan C. Ashcraft 442
Notes and Documents   450
Book Reviews   463
Necrologies   468
Minutes   473

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