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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 40

-No. 1-
Progress in the Civilization of the Osage Frank F. Finney 2
Buffalo Valley: An Osage Hunting Ground Orel Busby 22
John Owen Quillin: Cowboy Henry A. Quillen 36
Mennonite Missions among the Oklahoma Indians Edmund G. Kaufman 41
The Sapulpa and Bristow County Seat Contest Pauline P. Jackson 55
Notes and Documents   74
Book Reviews   79
Minutes   81
-No. 2-
Thomas Gilcrease Martin Wenger 94
Life Story of Otto Koeltzow A.M. Gibson 100
A Pioneer at the Land Openings in Oklahoma Maurice Hefley 150
Opening of the Cherokee Outlet: An Archival Study, Part I Berlin B. Chapman 158
Notes and Documents   182
Book Reviews   200
Minutes   203
-No. 3-
Seals of the Five Civilized Tribes The Editor 214
From the Brazos to the North Fork, Part Two A.M. Gibson 219
Opening of the Cherokee Outlet, Part Two Berlin B. Chapman 253
Letters of General McCullock and Chief Ross in 1861 Harry J. Lemley 286
Notes and Documents   295
Book Reviews   312
Minutes   314
Election Notice to Members of the Oklahoma Historical Society   324
-No. 4-
Anna Lewis: A Great Woman of Oklahoma Winnie Lewis Gravitt 326
The Indian Mission Conference of Oklahoma Martha Stewart 330
Some Church Academies in Early Oklahoma Frank A. Balyeat 337
Hastings Baptist College Hugh D. Corwin 350
Union Mission, 1826-1837 Hope Holway 355
Sacred Heart Academy at Vinita Velma Nieberding 379
Mary Bourbonnais Organized a Sunday School Florence Drake 386
Altus on the Hill above Frazer in Old Greer County Barbara B. Shelton 390
Notes and Documents   394
Book Reviews   411
Minutes   423

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