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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 39

-No. 1-
Lieutenant Averell's Ride, 1861 Muriel H. Wright 2
Lieutenant William E. Burnett Letters Raymond Estep 15
William L. McClellan, Choctaw Agent, West Ben Collins Pickett 42
The Comanche Bridge, 1843-1844 Ralph A. Smith 54
A Review of the De Soto Expedition Leslie McRill 70
Notes and Documents   80
Book Review   93
Minutes   95
-No. 2-
Tribute to Judge Baxter Taylor Edward M. Box 106
Otis Hoover Richards Glenn A. Welsch 112
Honorable Thomas P. Gore Monroe Billington 117
Memorial Address: Oklahoma's Heritage Orel Busby 127
Bridgeport by the Canadian Chrystobel Berrong Poteet 132
In Dugouts and Sod Houses Veda Giezentanner 140
A Pioneer Family in Old Greer County Adelia Clifton 150
Sarah Ann Harlan Muriel H. Wright 158
Segregation in Public Schools of Oklahoma Territory Frank A. Balyeat 180
Notes and Documents   193
Book Review   198
Minutes   206
-No. 3-
The Oklahoma Historical Society in 1905 William P. Campbell 214
Sarah Ann Harlan: From Her Memoirs Muriel H. Wright 302
Notes and Documents   334
Book Review   338
Minutes   340
-No. 4-
Civil War Report on the Battle of Round Mountain Muriel H. Wright 352
Indian Territory United Nations, 1845 A.M. Gibson 398
The Second Battle of Cabin Creek Marvin J. Hancock 414
The Fort Sill Apache Benedick Johze 427
Delos K. Lonewolf, Kiowa Hugh D. Corwin 433
Notes and Documents   437
Necrology   457
Minutes   460

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