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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 38

-No. 1-
Will Rogers: Good Neighbor I.E. Cadenhead, Jr. 2
Maria Tallchief in History Frank F. Finney, Sr. 8
Joe Kagey: Indian Educator A.M. Gibson 12
Memoirs of a Pioneer Teacher Harriet Patrick Gilstrap 20
The Very Reverend Urban de Hasque Velma Nieberding 35
Fred Wenner: Reporter Mary E. Newbern 43
Big Jake's Crossing Bess Rogers 50
We came to Live in Oklahoma Territory Fannie L. Eisele 55
Music in Oklahoma by Billy McGinty's Cowboy Band Leslie A. McRill 66
The Daugherty Ranch, Creek Nation Ella M. Robinson 75
Note on Abolitionism in the Choctaw Nation James D. Morrison 78
Negotiations for the Removal of the Choctaw Arthur H. DeRosier, Jr. 85
Notes and Documents   101
Book Review   110
Necrology   112
Minutes   115
-No. 2-
Charles Newton Gould: "Covered Wagon Geologist" Mildred Armor Frizzell 126
Rock Mary Report the Committee 130
Lieutenant Simpson's California Road through Oklahoma Robert H. Dott 154
The Battle of Chustenahlah Arthur Shoemaker 180
Oklahoma's Missing Link Robert E. Cunningham 185
Perry's First Doctor Clarence Cullimore 191
Charles Page Mrs. Walter Wood 196
Notes and Documents   202
Book Review   224
Minutes   226
-No. 3-
Redmond Selecman Cole Fannie Brownlee Misch 242
Arthur Grant Evans Frank A. Balyeat 245
The Story of Rock Cut Bernice Norman Crockett 253
School Days at Emahaka Academy Robert E. Trevathan 265
W. E. Burnett: Removal of Indians from Texas Raymond Estep 274
Report of Survey, Inscriptions on Santa Fe Trail the Committee 310
Notes and Documents   323
Book Review   334
Minutes   338
-No. 4-
Charles Redziminski Stanley F. Radzyminski 354
Lieutenant William E. Burnet Letters Raymond Estep 369
Tecumseh at the Turn of the Century Florence Drake 397
Reminiscences of Two Corps Men, World War I Guy E. Moore 409
The White Lieutenant of the Creek Nation Carolyn Thomas Foreman 425
Notes and Documents   441
Book Review   444
Minutes   448

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