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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 37

-No. 1-
Samuel Austin Worcester: A Dedication Muriel H. Wright 2
The Cold Water Army Hope Holway 22
William Schenck Robertson Althea Bass 28
Ann Eliza Worcester Robertson as a Linguist Hope Holway 35
Samuel Worcester Robertson Martin Wenger 45
Influences of the Cherokee National Seminaries Ida Wetzel Tinnin 59
Campaigning with Sheridan: A Farrier's Diary George H. Shirk 68
Notes and Documents   106
Book Reviews   123
Minutes   126
-No. 2-
William Shaffer Key Muriel H. Wright 138
The Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company Frank F. Finney, Sr. 149
Pushmataha's Travels Ruth Tennison West 162
Stella Friends Academy Mary Blue Coppock 175
A Social History of the Tri-State District A.M. Gibson 182
County High Schools in Oklahoma Frank A. Balyeat 196
Oklahoma City, from Public Land to Private Property Berlin B. Chapman 211
Notes and Documents   238
Book Reviews   255
Minutes   258
-No. 3-
Oklahoma City Junior Symphony Orchestra Aileen Stroud Libke 272
Lynn Riggs at the University of Oklahoma Charles Aughtry 280
Lee F. Harkins, Choctaw Muriel H. Wright 285
Oklahoma University at Guthrie Frank A. Balyeat 288
Ranching in the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations J.B. Wright 294
Farm Life in Logan County, Oklahoma Territory Ina Robinson 301
Summer Normals in Indian Territory After 1898 Joe C. Jackson 307
Oklahoma City from Public to Private Property (Part II) Berlin B. Chapman 330
Notes and Documents   354
Book Review   380
Minutes   382
-No. 4-
Judge Edgar S. Vaught George H. Shirk 394
A New Chapter in an Old Story Edgar S. Vaught 405
The Making of Grant's Peace Policy Henry E. Fritz 411
Indian and White Relations, Southwestern Oklahoma Charles S. Brant 433
Oklahoma City, Public to Private Property (Part III) Berlin B. Chapman 440
The Yuchi: Children of the Sun Carolyn Thomas Foreman 480
Notes on Chief Samuel William Brown, Jr., Yuchi Orpha B. Russell 497
Notes and Documents   502
Book Review   513
Minutes   522

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