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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 36

-No. 1-
Old Fort Sill: The First Seven Years Gillett Griswold 2
Troubles of Indian Traders Frank F. Finney 15
Health Conditions in Indian Territory Bernice Norman Crockett 21
Indian Missions of the Episcopal Church in Oklahoma Sam L. Botkin 40
Oklahoma's Philatelic Year George H. Shirk 48
History of Patterson Mercantile Company Ella Robinson 53
The Magic City: Guthrie From Kansas City Times, 1889 65
Oklahoma City Before the Run of 1889 A.W. Durham 72
Early Day Crusader for Law and Order: Thompson B. Ferguson Leslie A. McRill 79
Notes and Documents   88
Necrology   102
Minutes   107
-No. 2-
Resolution on General William S. Key Adopted by Members of Oklahoma Historical Society 114
New Officers of the Historical Society Elmer L. Fraker 115
Saddle Mountain Mission and Church Hugh D. Corwin 118
Old Osage Customs Die with the Last Pah-hue-skah Frank F. Finney 131
Wyandotte Mission: The Early Years A.M. Gibson 137
American Indian Corn Dishes Muriel H. Wright 155
A Walking Tour in the Indian Territory Claiborne Addison Young 167
Memories of the Indian Territory Mission Field Lilah Denton Lindsey 181
Notes and Documents   199
Book Review   218
Necrology   220
Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Historical Society   222
Minutes of the Quarterly Meeting of the Board of Directors   225
-No. 3-
Action on Chilocco Creek George H. Shirk 234
Pioneer Days in the Cherokee Strip Clara Williamson Warren Bullard 258
Captain David McNair and His Descendants Carolyn Thomas Foreman 270
Oklahoma Historical Sites Survey   282
Notes and Documents   315
Book Reviews   340
Minutes   347
-No. 4-
The First Panhandle Land Grant Raymond Estep 358
The Case of the Plagiarized Journal George H. Shirk 371
A Military Burial at Lake Altus James B. Shaeffer 411
The Osages and Their Agency Frank F. Finney 416
Old Ingalls: The Story of a Town that Will not Die Leslie McRill 429
Report on Butterfield Overland Mail the Committee 446
Notes and Documents   473
Book Review   486
Necrology   489
Minutes   491

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