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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 35

-No. 1-
The Seal of the Cimarron Territory the Editor 2
History of No-Man's Land Morris L. Wardell 11
Shade's Well Laura V. Hamner 34
Memoirs of Oklahoma Kittie M. Harvey 41
Judge Albert C. Hunt Judge N.B. Johnson 53
The Butterfield Overland Mail One Hundred Years Ago Muriel H. Wright 55
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Moore Crain Carolyn Thomas Foreman 72
Health Conditions in Indian Territory, 1830 to Civil War Bernice Norman Crockett 80
Notes and Documents   91
Book Reviews   110
Minutes   118
-No. 2-
Grand Seal of the Territory of Oklahoma the Editor 128
The Big Pasture Charles M. Cooper 138
Uncle Sam's Horse Race—Opening the Cherokee Strip J.S. Wade 147
The Founding of Ponca City Louis Seymour Barnes 154
Pioneer Days in Garfield County Ed H. Williams 163
Early Dental Practitioner in Western Oklahoma Dr. F.C. Holmes 169
The Lost Colonel George H. Shirk 180
Mon-Dah-Min and the Red Man's Uses of Corn as Food Hentoh (B.N.O. Walker) 194
A Survey of Oklahoma Museums S.F. de Borhegyi 204
Notes and Documents   228
Book Reviews   239
Minutes   243
-No. 3-
The Great Seal of the State of Oklahoma the Editor 250
"The Wedding of Oklahoma and Miss Indian Territory" Muriel H. Wright 255
Senator Thomas P. Gore Monroe Billington 265
Pioneering on the Great Plains William E. Baker 288
Joseph Samuel Morrow, Apostle to the Indians Frank A. Balyeat 297
Two Notable Women of the Creek Nation Carolyn Thomas Foreman 315
Leasing of the Quapaw Mineral Lands A.M. Gibson 338
Notes and Documents   348
Book Review   367
Necrology   369
Minutes   372
-No. 4-
The Legal Sooners of 1889 Berlin B. Chapman 382
The Kaw Indians and Their Indian Territory Agency Frank F. Finney 416
Lieutenant General Theophilus Hunter Holmes and Fort Holmes Carolyn Thomas Foreman 425
Federal Indian Relations in the South, 1781-1789 Kenneth Coleman 435
The 'Y' Chapel of Song Jessie Newby Ray 459
Notes and Documents   473
Book Reviews   494
Minutes   500

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