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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 34

-No. 1-
The Great Seal of the Muscogee Nation the Editor 2
A Report to the General Council of the Indian Territory Muriel H. Wright 7
The Light-Horse in the Indian Territory Carolyn Thomas Foreman 17
With Thoburn at Honey Creek Elmer L. Fraker 44
A History of Fort Cobb Muriel H. Wright 53
Fort Cobb—Prairie Town Vera Zumwalt Holding 72
The Founding of El Reno Berlin B. Chapman 79
Notes and Documents   109
Book Reviews   119
Minutes   122
-No. 2-
Seal of the Cherokee Nation the Editor 134
An Early Account of the Cherokees Carolyn Thomas Foreman 141
History of the Cherokees Oliver Knight 159
The Delaware Big Horse H.L. McCracken 183
Early Mining Camps in Northeastern Oklahoma A.M. Gibson 193
John Homer Seger Jack Rairdon 203
Reminiscences of an '89er J.M. Owen 217
Notes and Documents   227
Book Reviews   246
Minutes   249
-No. 3-
Seal of the Seminole Nation the Editor 262
The Jumper Family of the Seminole Nation Caroline Thomas Foreman 272
The Cultural Relations Between Two Pioneer Communities T.L. Ballenger 286
Some Personal Reminiscences about Lynn Riggs Joseph Benton 296
Virgil Andrew Wood, M.D. Mrs. H. Robert Wood 302
The Founding of Oklahoma A.M. College Alfred Edwin Jarrell 315
Custer's Hunting Horse Mary Ellen Ryan 326
Notes and Documents   336
Necrology   370
Minutes   375
-No. 4-
The Great Seal of the Chickasaw Nation the Editor 388
Jessie Elizabeth Randolph Moore Muriel H. Wright 392
Missionary Tour in the Chickasaw Nation Reverend Hillary Cassal 397
The Balentines, Father and Son Carolyn Thomas Foreman 417
Carl Sweezy, Arapaho Artist Althea Bass 429
The Story of An Oklahoma Cowboy Leslie A. McRill 432
A Spanish "Arrastra" in the Wichita Mountains W. Eugene Hollon 443
The Osage Indians and the Liquor Problem before Statehood Frank F. Finney 456
Events Leading to the Treaties of Franklin and Pontotoc Muriel H. Wright 465
Notes and Documents   484
Book Reviews   503
Necrology   506
Minutes   509

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