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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 33

-No. 1-
American Airlines Along the Butterfield Mail Route Vernon H. Brown 2
Mail Call At Fort Washita George H. Shirk 14
Thomas T. Montgomery Charles Evans 36
Herbert Hiram Champlin Henry B. Bass 43
"My Life in the Indian Territory—Augusta C. Metcalf" Melvin Harrel 49
Guthrie from Public Land to Private Property Berlin B. Chapman 63
The Saline Courthouse Massacre Omer L. Morgan 87
One Hundred Years of Oklahoma Verse Leslie McRill 96
Notes and Documents   107
Book Reviews   114
Minutes   117
-No. 2-
Judge Thomas A. Edwards Lawrence N. Morgan 130
Some Reminiscences of the Battle of the Washita Theodore A. Ediger and Vinnie Hoffman 137
John N. Florer Frank F. Finney 142
Reminiscences of a Trader in the Osage Country James E. Finney 145
Dr. Henry G. Bennett as I Knew Him Berlin B. Chapman 159
Missions of the Society of Friends, Sac and Fox Agency Hobert D. Ragland 169
St. Agnes School of the Choctaws Velma Nieberding 183
Lilah D. Lindsey Mrs. J. O. Misch 193
Letters of Cassandra Sawyer Lockwood: Dwight Mission Joseph B. Thoburn 202
The Lost Cherokee Treaty Carolyn Thomas Foreman 238
Notes and Documents   246
Book Reviews   257
Necrology   262
Minutes   264
-No. 3-
The Annual Oklahoma Historical Tours R.G. Miller 276
Comments from the New Yorkers on the Irving Tour Maureen McKernan 282
An Early Day Railroad Agent in the Kiowa-Comanche Country Milburn C. Harper 288
Grady Lewis, Choctaw Attorney W.F. Semple and Winnie Lewis Gravitt 301
S. Alice Callahan Carolyn Thomas Foreman 306
Early Days in the Sac and Fox Country George W. Stiles 316
Music on the Indian Territory Frontier Kathleen Garrett 339
The Election of J.Y. Callahan Elmer L. Fraker 350
A History of the Quapaw Vern E. Thompson 360
Notes and Documents   384
Book Reviews   410
Necrologies   413
Minutes   416
-No. 4-
The Great Seal of the Choctaw Nation the Editor 430
Tewah Hokay Muriel H. Wright 434
Immigrants in the Choctaw Coal Industry Stanley Clark 440
The Hook Nine Ranch in the Indian Territory Ellsworth Collings 456
Fred Severs Clinton Louise Morse Whitham 467
John D. Benedict, in the Indian Territory Muriel H. Wright 472
William Pollock, Pawnee Indian Artist Frank F. Finney 509
Billy Bowlegs Carolyn Thomas Foreman 512
Some Recollections James K. Hastings 533
Notes and Documents   541
Book Reviews   554
Minutes   558

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