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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 32

-No. 1-
Captain James E. Reynolds Rosa Ayleene Nance 2
Chief Splitlog and the Cayuga Mission Church Velma Nieberding 18
Chief Bowles of the Texas Cherokee Dorman H. Winfrey 29
Dragoons on the Santa Fé Trail in the Autumn of 1843 Otis E. Young 42
Marshalltown, Creek Nation Carloyn Thomas Foreman 52
Schools Among the Minor Tribes in Indian Territory Joe C. Jackson 58
Problems in the Industrial Progress and Development of the Choctaw Nation James D. Morrison 70
Notes and Documents   92
Book Review   101
Necrology   102
Minutes   104
-No. 2-
Dr. Charles Evans Lays Down his Work as Secretary William S. Key, President 114
Dartmouth Alumni in the Indian Territory Kathleen Garrett 123
General Douglas H. Cooper, C.S.A. Muriel H. Wright 142
An Autobiography Anna R. Fait 185
General Philip St. George Cooke Carolyn Thomas Foreman 195
Placing Historical Markers in Oklahoma Charles Evans 214
Notes and Documents   226
Book Reviews   232
Necrologies   236
Minutes   240
-No. 3-
James Mooney in Oklahoma Althea Bass 246
Art in Oklahoma O.B. Jacobson and Jeanne d'Ucel 263
Early Days in Meers Iva Williams Allen 278
Catholic Education Among the Osages Velma Nieberding 290
The Bean Family Carolyn Thomas Foreman 308
Notes and Documents   326
Book Reviews   339
Minutes   344
-No. 4-
Lewis Jefferson Moorman, M.D. Gaston Litton 352
Oscar Clarence Newman, M.D. O.H. Richards 355
Tribute to Mrs. Mabel Bassett Jessie Randolph Moore 359
Territorial Presidents, Oklahoma A. and M. College Dr. Harry E. Thompson 364
Epworth University Ray Asplin 369
Trip with "The Indian Warrior Troupe" Frank F. Finney 381
Chief Bigheart of the Osages Orpha B. Russell 384
Miss Sophia Sawyer and Her School Carolyn Thomas Foreman 395
Cherokee Society under the Stress of Removal Oliver Knight 414
Notes and Documents   429
Book Reviews   438
Minutes   442

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