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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 31

-No. 1-
St. Mary's of the Quapaws Velma Nieberding 2
The Removal of the State Capital Fred P. Branson 15
The March of the First Dragoons From Jefferson Barracks Hamilton Gardner 22
"The Smoked Meat Rebellion." Mel H. Bolster 37
General Frank Crawford Armstrong Carolyn Thomas Foreman 56
W.C. Austin: Pioneer and Public Servant Monroe Billington 66
Fifty Years of Choctaw Law Oliver Knight 76
Notes and Documents   96
Minutes   112
-No. 2-
Early Oklahoma Artists O.B. Jacobson and Jeanne d'Ucel 122
Perry Duke Maxwell Charles Evans 131
Restoration of the Worcester Cemetery T.L. Ballenger 137
A Trip to Quapaw in 1903 Sister M. Laurence
(Annotated by Velma Nieberding)
Sign Language of the Plains Indians Jerell R. Walker 168
Texanna Carolyn Thomas Foreman 178
Confederate Government Relations with Five Civilized Tribes Ohland Morton 189
Notes and Documents   205
Minutes   218
-No. 3-
Grant Foreman Stanley Clark 226
Dr. Grant Foreman, a Eulogy Gen. Wm. S. Key 243
Fishertown Carolyn Thomas Foreman 247
A History of Cimarron County William E. Baker 255
The Taovayas Indians in Frontier Trade and Diplomacy Elizabeth Ann Harper 268
Annette Blackburn Ehler and the Hennessey Memorial Garden Athie Sale Davis 290
Confederate Relations with the Five Civilized Tribes Ohland Morton 299
Notes and Documents   323
Minutes   345
-No. 4-
"Summer Institute of Linguistics" W.A. Willibrand 352
Political Leadership of Robert L. Owen Wyatt W. Belcher 361
William Elbert Utterback Charles Evans 372
Robert Lee Williams Memorial Dedication Charles Evans 375
Robert Lee Williams as I Knew Him Baxter Taylor 378
Fifty Years Ago in Shawnee and Pottawatomie County Ernestine Gravley 381
Artist Möllhausen in Oklahoma, 1853 Muriel H. Wright and George H. Shirk 392
Notes and Documents   442
Book Review   451
Necrologies   452
Minutes   456

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