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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 30

-No. 1-
The Andrew Nave Letters T.L. Ballenger 2
Pierce Mason Butler Carolyn Thomas Foreman 6
The Administration of William C. Rogers, Cherokee Nation Elzie Ronald Caywood 29
First Post Offices Within the Boundaries of Oklahoma George H. Shirk 38
Oklahoma History and the National Archives Kathryn M. Murphy 105
Notes and Documents   121
Book Review   132
Necrologies   134
Minutes   137
-No. 2-
The National Congress of American Indians N.B. Johnson 140
Samuel Morton Rutherford Jerry Rand 149
Dr. William Butler and George Butler, Cherokee Agents Carolyn Thomas Foreman 160
The Life and Times of Jeff Thompson Parks T.L. Ballenger 173
Wichita Death Customs Carl Schmitt 200
W.C. Austin Irrigation Project Monroe Billington 207
Archaeological Discoveries at the Morris Site, Cherokee County, Oklahoma Robert E. Bell and Richard H. Fraser 216
Notes and Documents   236
Necrologies   245
Minutes   251
-No. 3-
William Bennett Bizzell M.L. Wardell 256
Pioneer Days in Ellis County Violet Polin Igou 262
Potawatomi Day School Hobart D. Ragland 270
Baptist Pioneers in Eastern Oklahoma Herbert Miner Pierce 279
Joseph Franklin Thompson T.L. Ballenger 285
The Armstrongs of Indian Territory Carolyn Thomas Foreman 292
The Great Seal of the Confederacy George H. Shirk 309
First Oil and Gas Well in Tulsa County Fred S. Clinton, M.D., F.A.C.S. 312
The American Indian as Conservationist N.B. Johnson 333
Notes and Documents   341
Recent Accessions in the Library   351
Necrology   362
Minutes   364
-No. 4-
A High Point in America's Thinking Charles Evans 368
Mrs. John R. Williams, Pioneer Muriel H. Wright 372
"Worcester, Pride of the West" Kathleen Garrett 386
William G. Bruner, Member of the House of Kings Orpha B. Russell 397
The Ghost Dance Religion Among the Oklahoma Cheyenne Donald N. Brown 408
When East Met West Frances Rosser Brown 417
William Armstrong Carolyn Thomas Foreman 420
Colored High School of the Cherokee Nation T.L. Ballenger 454
Foreign Travellers in Oklahoma, 1900-1950 Lawrence B. Thompson 463
Notes and Documents   468
Book Review   477
Necrology   479
Minutes   482

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