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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 29

-No. 1-
Oklahoma Historical Society by Resolution of the State Legislature   2
Two Oklahomans Honored Charles Evans 4
Jeremiah Hubbard, Friends Missionary Among the Indians Ezra Brainerd 23
William Penn Adair Cherrie Adair Moore 32
Early History of the Oklahoma Education Association Oscar W. Davison 42
Problems of Services to Students of the University of Oklahoma E.C. Hall 61
Oklahoma's Million Acre Ranch Melvin Harrell 70
North Fork Town Carolyn Thomas Foreman 79
Notes and Documents   112
Necrologies   117
Minutes   121
-No. 2-
Elizabeth Jacobs Quinton, Centenarian Mrs. C.M. Whaley 126
John Jumper Carolyn Thomas Foreman 137
Seminole in Mexico Kenneth W. Porter 153
The American Indian Through English Spectacles Robert Rutland 169
Oklahoma City Historical Markers Golda B. Slief 173
Early History of Catesby and Vicinity F.P. Rose 177
Survey of Education in Eastern Oklahoma from 1917 to 1915 Joe C. Jackson 200
State Protection of Historical Centers Berlin B. Chapman 228
Notes and Documents   237
Book Review   252
Necrologies   255
Minutes   259
-No. 3-
Gridiron Pioneers at Henry Kendall College Robert Rutland 270
Football—Looking Backward Charles Evans 275
A Romance of Pioneering Lucy Gage 284
Wheelock Mission Lona Eaton Miller 314
The Five Great Indian Nations Jesse Randolph Moore 324
In Bilingual Old Okarche W.A. Willibrand 337
The McKinney Name Is Honored Mary M. Frye 355
Notes and Documents   360
Book Reviews   372
Necrology   378
Minutes   380
-No. 4-
In Honor of The Chronicles of Oklahoma 32nd Birthday    
What Every Oklahoman Should Know Edgar S. Vaught 386
Henry Lowndes Muldrow Charles Evans 394
Ekvn-hv'lwuce, First Civil War Battle Orpha Russell 401
Two Historic Indian Burials from Pittsburg County Charles Bareis 408
Our Debt to the Iroquois J.F. Page, Ph.D. 415
Some Firsts In Lincoln County Hobart D. Ragland 419
Texas Fever in Oklahoma J. Stanley Clark 429
Early History of Webbers Falls Carolyn Thomas Foreman 444
Territorial Magazines Esther Witcher 484
Notes and Documents   498
Necrologies   510
Minutes   514

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