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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 28

-No. 1-
Peace on the Plains George H. Shirk 2
The Lutherans Mission at Oaks Jens Christian Kjaer 42
First National Indian Training School: The Choctaw Academy Ethel McMillan 52
Education at Statehood Oscar William Davison 63
Oklahoma A. and M. College and Old Central James K. Hastings 81
Skullyville and Its People in 1889 G.E. Hartshorne, M.D. 85
McLoud, 1895 to 1949 Klaris Molder 89
Creek Indian Burial Customs Today Mrs. Irwin A. Watson 95
Notes and Documents   103
Minutes   114
-No. 2-
Annual Meeting of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association Charles Evans 124
History of the Oklahoma State Department of Health Grady F. Mathews, M.D. 132
Log-Cabin Days in Oklahoma James K. Hastings 143
Wichita-Kiowa Relations and the 1874 Outbreak Karl Schmitt 154
The Sequoyah Convention Amos Maxwell 161
Hopefield Mission Carolyn Thomas Foreman 193
Notes and Documents   206
Book Review   213
Minutes   215
-No. 3-
Amiel Weeks Whipple Francis R. Stoddard 226
Itemized List of the Whipple Collection Charles Evans, Secy. 231
The Journal of Lieutenant A.W. Whipple Muriel H. Wright and George H. Shirk 235
German in Okarche, 1892—1902 W.A. Willibrand 284
Memorial Genealogical Library, D.A.R. Josephine Sperry Hickam 292
The Sequoyah Convention (Part II) Amos Maxwell 299
Sarah Beatty Wilson of Lukfahta, 1835 Muriel H. Wright 341
Notes and Documents   351
Book Review   362
Necrologies   365
Ad Interim Report   369
-No. 4-
Ed H. Moore Charles Evans 374
Harry Campbell Charles Evans 377
Albert H. Ellis Angie Debo 382
Early Days of Anadarko Sara Brown Mitchell 390
Old Grand, Ghost Town C.A. Squire 399
Joseph Absalom Scales Carolyn Thomas Foreman 418
Official Reception of the Whipple Papers Charles Evans 433
The Survey of Indian Territory Junius B. Moore 445
Thomas J. Palmer, Frontier Publicist Jack Cross 452
Notes and Documents   488
Necrology   499
Minutes   501

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