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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 27

-No. 1-
Women Teachers in Oklahoma 1820-1860 Ethel McMillan 2
Presbyterian Mission Schools Among the Choctaws and Chickasaws 1845-1860 William L. Hiemstra 33
Lewis Francis Hadley: The Long-Haired Sign Talker Carolyn Thomas Foreman 41
Experiences in the Opening of Oklahoma Carl Robe White 56
The Opening of Oklahoma James K. Hastings 70
Neighbors in the Cherokee Strip Clara B. Kennan 76
Oklahoma's Two Commemorative Stamps George H. Shirk 89
Notes and Documents   95
Book Reviews   111
Necrologies   115
Minutes   126
-No. 2-
Judge Thomas H. Doyle Charles Evans 138
Thomas Pryor Gore Charles Evans 145
Early Days in the C & A Thomas A. Edwards 148
First Consolidated School Law in the United States Frank D. Northup 162
Crippled Children in Oklahoma Earl D. McBride, M.D. 170
The Oklahoma College for Women Anna Lewis 179
The Site of the Battle of Round Mountain, 1861 Angie Debo 187
"News for the Choctaws" James D. Morrison 207
Oklahoma War Memorial—World War II Muriel H. Wright 223
Minutes   227
-No. 3-
Jesse Bartley Milam Grant Foreman 236
Major General Clarence L. Tinker John Woolery 238
Good Homes and Newer Uses for Old Records Gaston Litton 243
Dutch, the Cherokee Carolyn Thomas Foreman 252
A Diary Account of a Creek Boundary Survey Edited by Carl Coke Rister and Bryan W. Lovelace 268
Recent Archeological Research in Oklahoma Robert E. Bell 303
The Site of Old Camp Arbuckle George H. Shirk 313
Notes and Documents   316
Book Review   328
Necrologies   331
Minutes   335
-No. 4-
Centennial of New Town Methodist Church Muriel H. Wright 342
Some History of Grady County and Parr Post Office Hobart D. Ragland 345
When Oklahoma City was Seymour and Verbeck E.H. Kelley 347
Oklahoma's Educational Heritage Oscar William Davison 354
Fairfield Mission Carolyn Thomas Foreman 373
Political Background of Cherokee Treaty of New Echota Robert A. Rutland 389
Judge Milton Cline Garber Besse Truitt 407
Reminiscences of a Country Doctor O.C. Newman, M.D. 412
Notes and Documents   420
Book Review   438
Necrologies   441
Minutes   446

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