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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 26

-No. 1-
Memories of an 89'er O.H. Richards 2
Causes of the Dull Knife Raid James Warren Covingtion 13
The Indian Territory Medical Association Fred S. Clinton, M.D. 23
Junior Colleges in Oklahoma Frank A. Balyeat 56
George Allen Henshaw Charles Evans 63
Oklahoma War Memorial—World War II Muriel H. Wright 77
Notes and Documents   89
Book Reviews   106
Necrologies   110
Minutes   114
-No. 2-
Robert Lee Williams Charles Evans 120
"The Otoe and Missouria Reservation" Berlin B. Chapman 132
Boss Neff Moita Dorsey Davis 159
Ellen Howard Miller Lillian Delly 174
Early Post Offices in Oklahoma George H. Shirk 179
Notes and Documents   245
Necrologies   252
Minutes   257
-No. 3-
Byron Norrell, Pioneer Editor Cora Case Porter 266
Report of the Reverend R.M. Loughridge, Creek Mission Carolyn Thomas Foreman 278
"Tullahassee Mission" Virginia E. Landerdale 285
The Robe Family—Missionaries Ora Eddleman Reed 301
Early Days in Day County O.H. Richards 313
Dams on the Grand River W.R. Holway 329
Notes and Documents   335
Necrology   362
-No. 4-
Two Mississippi Valley Frontiers Edward Everett Dale 366
The Squatters in No Man's Land Oscar A. Hinchen 385
The Oklahoma Historical Society Charles Evans 399
Indian Treaty Making G.E.E. Lindquist 416
Secret "Instructions and Suggestions" to the Cherokee Commission Berlin B. Chapman 449
Presbyterian Missionaries and Mission Churches Among Choctaw and Chickasaw William L. Hiemstra 459
Some Letters from the Reverend Samuel A. Worcester George H. Shirk 468
International Petroleum Exposition and Congress Fred S. Clinton 479
Necrology   489
Minutes   492

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