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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 25

-No. 1-
Herbert Hoover and the Osages Louise Morse Witham 2
Horace Speed Grant Foreman 5
Travis G. Wright and the Leavenworth Expedition James D. Morrison 7
Education Among the Quapaws Carolyn Thomas Foreman 15
Oklahoma War Memorial—World War II Muriel H. Wright 30
Lyman Moore, Sr., Edgar Allen Moore, Lyman Moore, Jr., Herbert McClain Moore Robert L. Williams 59
Notes and Documents   63
Necrology   72
Minutes   74
-No. 2-
Perkins Townsite Berlin B. Chapman 82
Oklahoma History Embedded in the Law C. Ross Hume 92
The Cherokee Phoenix Robert G. Martin, Jr. 102
Oklahoma War Memorial—World War II Muriel H. Wright 119
Historical Phases of the Grand River Valley Grant Foreman 141
Notes and Documents   153
Necrologies   159
Minutes   168
-No. 3-
Oklahoma's First Senator Dies   178
Save the Historical Records Charles Evans 180
History of Phillips University I.N. McCash 181
Israel G. Vore and Levering Manual Labor School Carolyn Thomas Foreman 198
The First Hospital and Training School for Nurses in the Indian Territory, Now Oklahoma Fred S. Clinton 218
The Diary of Charles Hazelrigg Angie Debo 229
Oklahoma War Memorial—World War II Muriel H. Wright 271
Registration and Drawing for Opening of Kiowa and Comanche Country, 1901 E.H. Linzee 289
Notes and Documents   295
Necrologies   299
Minutes   304
-No. 4-
The Indian Regiments in the Battle of Pea Ridge Roy A. Clifford 314
The Coodey Family of Indian Territory Carolyn Thomas Foreman 323
University of Oklahoma Medical School Crisis Averted Fred S. Clinton, M.D., F.A.C.S. 342
History of Woman's Auxiliary, Synod of Oklahoma Mrs. R.W. Calhoon 358
Oklahoma War Memorial—World War II Muriel H. Wright 382
Notes and Documents   403
Necrologies   407
Minutes   414

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