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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 24

-No. 1-
Pioneer Beginnings at Emmanuel, Shawnee Reverend Franklin C. Smith 2
Mrs. Howard Searcy Howard Searcy 15
Jane Heard Clinton Angie Debo 20
Mary C. Greenleaf Carolyn Thomas Foreman 26
Memories of George W. Mayes Harold Keith 40
The Hawkins' Negroes Go to Mexico Kenneth Wiggins Porter 55
Oklahoma War Memorial—World War II Muriel H. Wright 59
An Eighty-Niner Who Pioneered the Cherokee Strip Lew F. Carroll 87
Notes and Documents   102
Book Reviews   108
Necrologies   112
Minutes   121
-No. 2-
Old Navajoe Edward Everett Dale 128
The Nonpartisan League in Oklahoma Gilbert C. Fite 146
The American Indian Exposition in Oklahoma Muriel H. Wright 158
The Educational Activities of Distinguished Catholic Missionaries Among the Five Civilized Tribes Sister Mary Urban Kehoe, C.D.P. 166
Oklahoma War Memorial—World War II Muriel H. Wright 183
General Benjamin Henry Brierson Carolyn Thomas Foreman 195
Notes and Documents   219
Book Review   232
Necrologies   234
Minutes   242
-No. 3-
The State Historical Society of Oklahoma Charles Evans 248
Joseph Henry Lumpkin King Robert L. Williams 265
Black Beaver Carolyn Thomas Foreman 269
The Pottawatomie and Absentee Shawnee Reservation Berlin B. Chapman 293
Oklahoma War Memorial—World War II Muriel H. Wright 306
Brief History of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad Lines Walter A. Johnson 340
Notes and Documents   359
Book Reviews   374
Necrologies   378
Program of Annual Meeting, Oklahoma Historical Society, May, 1946   384
Minutes. May 27, 1946   385
Minutes. July 25, 1946   389
-No. 4-
Pioneer Historian and Archeologist of The State of Oklahoma Muriel H. Wright 396
L.E. Phillips. R.H. Hudson 414
Missions and Missionaries of the Presbyterian Church, U.S., Among the Choctaws, 1866-1907 Natalie Morrison Denison 426
Colonel Pinkney Lugenbeel Carolyn Thomas Foreman 449
Oklahoma War Memorial—World War II Muriel H. Wright 460
Orlando Swain Paul Swain 476
Pioneer Church Organizer in Old Greer County Paul D. Mitchell 481
Notes and Documents   483
Necrologies   498
Minutes   506

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