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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 23

-No. 1-
"Oklahoma," Land of Promise Carl Coke Rister 2
Edward Palmer's Collection, Indian Territory, 1868 Rogers McVaugh 16
The Old North Tower and Chimes at Edmond Charles Evans 22
Early Times Along the Arkansas River Louise Morse Witham 26
Travis Franklin Hensley Gladys Hensley Engle 30
Pioneer Publisher, First Daily in Indian Territory Ora Eddleman Reed 36
Oklahoma War Memorial—World War II Muriel H. Wright 40
Tulsa's Water Resources Fred S. Clinton, M.D., F.A.C.S. 59
Notes and Documents   71
Book Reviews   76
Necrologies   80
Minutes   90
-No. 2-
The Brave Major Moniac and the Creek Volunteers Carolyn Thomas Foreman 96
The Public Land Policy of the Five Civilized Tribes Norman Arthur Graebner 107
The Round-Up of 1883: A Recollection Ralph H. Records 119
The Freedom of the Church College in Oklahoma Charles Evans 139
Oklahoma War Memorial—World War II Muriel H. Wright 145
The Enid Oklahoma Collection in the Carnegie Library Berlin B. Chapman 167
Notes and Documents   170
Necrologies   178
Minutes   183
-No. 3-
Geology Applied, By the People, For the People Robert H. Dott 190
Origin of Oklahoma Day Muriel H. Wright 203
The Abortive Territory of Cimarron Oscar A. Kinchen 218
Pioneer Indian Agriculture in Oklahoma Norman Arthur Graebner 232
Alice Ross Howard Carolyn Thomas Foreman 249
Oklahoma War Memorial—World War II Muriel H. Wright 254
Reminiscences of Pioneer Days L.P. Bobo 277
Notes and Documents   291
Book Review   301
Necrologies   303
Minutes   307
-No. 4-
Missouri and the Southwest Floyd C. Shoemaker 314
Provincial Indian Society in Eastern Oklahoma Norman Arthur Graebner 323
Chickasaw Manual Labor Academy Carolyn Thomas Foreman 338
Pioneer Preacher Jerry B. Jeter 358
Oklahoma War Memorial—World War II Muriel H. Wright 369
Nimrod on the Loose Oliver LaFayette Chambers 399
Notes and Documents   406
Necrologies   411
Minutes   419

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