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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 21

-No. 1-
James Carson Jamison Robert L. Williams 3
The Great Seal of the Cherokee Nation J. Bartley Milam 8
Is American History on the Way Out? Philip D. Jordan 9
Recollections of April 19, 1892 Ralph H. Records 16
Recollections of April 22, 1889 Frank J. Best 28
Tom Hale Robert L. Williams 33
County and National Elections in Pontotoc County, Chickasaw Nation Gordon M. Harrel 35
Wild Cat's Death and Burial Kenneth W. Porter 41
Indian Territory Ghost Towns A.C. Townsend 44
George Samuel Ramsey Robert L. Williams 45
Robert Bebb Carolyn Thomas Foreman 52
The Oklahoma Historical Society Robert L. Williams 60
Recent Activities of the Tulsa Historical Society Louise M. Witham 64
Indian Exhibits at Philbrook Art Center Mary Ann Rheam 70
Organization, Purposes and Activities of County and Local Historical Societies Compiled by Ethyl E. Martin 73
Dissolution of the Osage Reservation Berlin B. Chapman 78
Early History of Armstrong Academy James W. Moffitt 88
Leroy Long—Teacher of Medicine Basil A. Hayes 92
Minutes   103
Necrologies   106
Notes and Comments   111
-No. 2-
John Bartlett Meserve Grant Foreman 121
Philip Ashton Norris Robert L. Williams 122
General John Joseph Coppinger Carolyn Thomas Foreman 124
LeRoy Long—Teacher of Medicine Basil A. Hayes 131
William Allen Collier Robert L. Williams 160
Early-Day Railroad Building Operations in Western Oklahoma Homer S. Chambers 162
Dissolution of the Osage Reservation Berlin B. Chapman 171
Some Red Cross History Fred S. Clinton 183
Notes and Documents   186
Necrologies   196
Minutes   203
Constitution and By-Laws   206
-No. 3-
The Lost Captain—J.L. Dawson of Old Fort Gibson James Henry Gardner 217
Oklahoma and Indian Territory as Embraced Within the Territory of Louisiana Robert L. Williams 250
From Brush Arbor to Boston Avenue—First Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Tulsa Fred S. Clinton 260
A Creek Pioneer Carolyn Thomas Foreman 271
Wildlife on the T-5 and Spade Ranches Ralph H. Records 280
Cattle Ranching in Eastern Oklahoma Norman Arthur Graebner 300
Preservation of Indian Pictures Stanley Vestal 312
Book Review   313
Necrology   314
Minutes   315
-No. 4-
Arthur Neal Leecraft A.H. Ferguson 320
Oklahoma War Memorial—World War II Muriel H. Wright 325
Libraries as War Information Centers Gerald Naseath 346
The Hyechka Club Fred S. Clinton, M.D., F.A.C.S. 351
Establishment of the Iowa Reservation Berlin B. Chapman 366
Education in the Cherokee Nation Abraham Eleazer Knepler 378
The Home for the Insane, Deaf, Dumb and Blind of the Cherokee Nation Carl T. Steen, M.D. 402
Notes and Documents   420
Contributors of Articles in The Chronicles   433
Book Reviews   434
Necrologies   437
Minutes   443

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