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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 20

-No. 1-
Program of the Oklahoma Historical Society   2
Daniel William Peery Paul Nesbitt 3
Chief George Hudson and Chief Samuel Garland John B. Meserve 9
The Oklahoma Council of Defense and the First World War O. A. Hilton 18
Oklahoma in the Spanish-American War John Alley 43
Notes on the Early History of Stephens County J. G. Clift 51
Eighteenth Century Cherokee Educational Efforts Abraham E. Knepler 55
Oklahoma County Histories Icelle Wright 62
Book Reviews   68
Historical Notes Edited by James. W. Moffitt 74
Minutes   93
Necrology   100
-No. 2-
LeRoy Long—Teacher of Medicine Basil A. Hayes 107
J. George Wright, 1860-1941 Grant Foreman 120
General William Goldsmith Belknap Carolyn Thomas Foreman 124
Dean Everett C. Wilson, 1885-1942 Hubert Byrd 143
Hindman H. Burris, 1862-1940 Robert L. Williams 149
Reminiscences of Old Stonewall George W. Burris 152
Range Riding in Oklahoma Ralph H. Records 159
Notes on the History of Old Greer County Lem H. Tittle 172
Collecting War Records Lewis Beeson 174
Oklahoma County Histories (Continued) J. L. Rader 177
Historical Notes Edited by James W. Moffitt 178
Book Reviews   195
Necrology   205
Minutes of the Annual Meeting   209
-No. 3-
John B. Doolin Robert L. Williams 215
The Governors of Oklahoma Territory John Bartlett Meserve 218
LeRoy Long—Teacher of Medicine Basil A. Hayes 228
General Daniel Henry Rucker Carolyn Thomas Foreman 236
Arthur John Cline Robert L. Williams 241
Dissolution of the Osage Reservation Berlin B. Chapman 244
The Legend of Abuska H. R. Antle 255
Wartime Duties of Historical Society Museums L. Hubbard Shattuck 257
The County Historical Society and the Records of World War II James W. Moffitt 264
The University Museum of Zoology and Cultural Progress A. Richards 265
The Development of Tulsa's Petroleum Library Bradford A. Osborne 273
A Selected Reading List J. S. Clark 275
Notes on Indian History Edited by James W. Moffitt 278
Necrology   285
Historical News and Comments   295
Minutes   311
Contributors of Articles   314
-No. 4-
Excerpts from Constitution of the Oklahoma Historical Society   317
The Oklahoma Historical Society   318
Jasper Sipes Robert L. Williams 319
General William Babcock Hazen Carolyn Thomas Foreman 322
LeRoy Long—Teacher of Medicine Basil A. Hayes 342
The Cheyenne-Arapaho Country Edward Everett Dale 360
Notes on Western History Victor Murdock 372
Dissolution of the Osage Reservation Berlin B. Chapman 375
A Pawnee Buffalo Hunt J. S. Clark 387
A Brief History of the Oklahoma State Baptist College, Blackwell, Oklahoma T. R. Corr 396
Some Early University of Oklahoma History Carleton Ross Hume 397
The Christian Church of Sheridan, Oklahoma Charles Hazelrigg 398
Books of Oklahomans Kenneth Kaufman 401
Oklahoma County and Regional Histories Mary Hays Marable 402
Newspaper Collections of the Oklahoma Historical Society Laura M. Messenbaugh 403
The Will Rogers Memorial Paula McSpadden Love 404
Collection and Preservation of the Materials of War History Ruth A. Gallaher 407
History for the People C. C. Crittenden 411
Historical News and Comments Edited by James W. Moffitt 415
Minutes   430
Necrology   430
Minutes   444

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