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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 19

-No. 1-
Judge William Pressley Thompson J. Berry King 3
Governor William Malcolm Guy John Bartlett Meserve 10
General Richard Barnes Mason Carolyn Thomas Foreman 14
Miller County, Arkansas Territory: The Frontier That Men Forgot Rex W. Strickland 37
Civil War in the Indian Territory Dean Trickett 55
History of the Osage Blanket Lease Gerald Forbes 70
Notes and Documents   82
Historical Notes   99
Minutes   104
Necrology   106
-No. 2-
John Jasper Methvin Sidney H. Babcock 113
Colonel James B. Many Carolyn Thomas Foreman 119
Historical Background of the Kiowa-Comanche Reservation Grant Foreman 129
Newspapers of the Panhandle of Oklahoma, 1886-1940 Elsie Cady Gleason 141
Townsite Promotion in Early Oklahoma Homer S. Chambers 162
Early History of the Grain Business in Oklahoma E. H. Linzee 166
Missionary Work of the Reformed (Dutch) Church in America, in Oklahoma. Part III Richard H. Harper 170
Historical Notes Edited by James W. Moffitt 180
Book Reviews   187
Minutes of the Annual Meeting   195
-No. 3-
Tams Bixby, 1855-1922 Robert L. Williams 205
Chief Benjamin Franklin Smallwood and Chief Jefferson Gardner John Bartlett Meserve 213
George Buchanan Noble, 1866-1940 Robert L. Williams 221
General Bennet Riley Carolyn Thomas Foreman 225
James Jones Quarles, 1862-1921 Robert L. Williams 245
George Rainey, 1866-1940 Isaac Newton McCash 248
William Samuel Kerr, 1868-1940 Laura M. Messenbaugh 250
"Friends" Among the Seminole Alexander Spoehr 252
The Red River Raft Norman W. Caldwell 253
Notes from The Northern Standard, 1842-1849 Edited by James D. Morrison 269
Historical Notes Edited by James W. Moffitt 284
Book Reviews   290
Necrology   297
Minutes   302
-No. 4-
Judge Samuel W. Hayes, 1875-1941 D. A. Richardson 309
Chief Allen Wright John Bartlett Meserve 314
Nathan Boone Carloyn Thomas Foreman 322
Notes on the Life of Mrs. Hannah Worcester Hicks Hitchcock and the Park Hill Press Muriel H. Wright 348
Final Report of the Cherokee Commission Berlin B. Chapman 356
Transportation in Carter County, 1913-1917 Gilbert L. Robinson 368
Oklahoma Seminole Towns Alexander Spoehr 377
The Civil War in the Indian Territory, 1862 Dean Trickett 381
Program at the Pioneer Woman Statue H. L. Schall 397
Historical Notes Edited by James W. Moffitt 399
Book Reviews   407
Necrology   422
Minutes   430
Contributors of Articles   434

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