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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 17

-No. 1-
Peter James Hudson R. L. Williams 3
A Story of Choctaw Chiefs Peter James Hudson 7
Chief Colonel Johnson Harris John Bartlett Meserve 17
The Opening of Oklahoma from the European Point of View H. C. Peterson 22
A Brief History of Early Higher Education among the Baptists of Oklahoma Fred G. Watts 26
Autobiography of Governor A. J. Seay Dan W. Peery 35
Early Creek Missions Roland Hinds 48
The Cherokee Commission at Kickapoo Village Berlin B. Chapman 62
Early History of Noble County Allen D. Fitchett 75
Oklahoma Historical Notes James W. Moffitt 87
Book Reviews   97
Minutes   110
Necrology   115
-No. 2-
Chief Thomas Mitchell Buffington and Chief William Charles Rogers John Bartlett Meserve 135
Fort Davis Grant Foreman 147
Pawnee Traditions and Customs Guy Rowley Moore 151
Francis Bartow Fite, M. D. LeRoy Long, M. D. 170
New Springplace Vinson Lackey 178
Early Grady County History Meta C. Sager 184
Samuel Thomas Bledsoe M. L. Lyles 189
A Story of Choctaw Chiefs Peter James Hudson 192
Reconnoissance of H. L. Marvin Edited by James W. Moffitt 212
Historical Notes   229
Book Reviews   238
Annual Meeting of the Oklahoma Historical Society   243
Necrology   253
-No. 3-
Trinity Episcopal Church, Tulsa John Bartlett Meserve 265
Letters Regarding Choctaw Missions and Missionaries Edited by Anna Lewis 275
The Homesteader and the Development of Woodward County Ralph E. Randels 286
Problems of a Cherokee Principal Chief Harold Keith 296
Diary of Joseph A. Edmonds Edited by James W. Moffitt 309
The Civil War in the Indian Territory Dean Trickett 315
A Cross-Section in the Life of a Missionary Teacher Among the Indians Louise Thomson 328
Choctaw Indian Dishes Peter J. Hudson 333
The Statue of Will Rogers Paula McSpadden Love 336
Notes   341
Book Reviews   343
Minutes   349
Necrology   352
-No. 4-
Governor Robert Maxwell Harris John Bartlett Meserve 361
Beginning of Quaker Administration of Indian Affairs in Oklahoma Aubrey L. Steele 364
Southwestern Oil Boom Towns Gerald Forbes 393
The Civil War in the Indian Territory 1861 (Continued) Dean Trickett 401
Indian International Fair Ella Robinson 413
Notes and Documents: Negotiations Leading to the Chickasaw-Choctaw Agreement, January 17, 1827 Edited by Gaston Litton 417
Diary of a Missionary to the Choctaws Edited by Anna Lewis 428
Book Reviews   448
Minutes   454
Necrology   458

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